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K-Drama OST: My Go-to Songs When I Feel Like Crying

K-Drama OST: My Go-to Songs When I Feel Like Crying

Disclaimer: This article about K-Drama OST contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

I have enjoyed and learned a lot from watching Korean dramas over the past few years. The storylines are impressive and the soundtrack will follow you everywhere. Even though it has been years since I last heard the songs, I still find myself drawn to them, especially when I’m down.

They must be correct; it is better to emote and cry while listening to sad music. Sound like the main character, isn’t it?

I used to watch dramas for the characters, but as time went on, I learned that music is one of the reasons why I had grown to love a lot of dramas.

The soundtrack of each drama highlights the emotions we must feel about a particular scene. For instance, I can feel the characters’ excitement when the drama applies a happy song and I also cry along when the scene is depressing and is accompanied by sad music.

If you want to pretend like the main character or maybe just express your sadness, these songs might help you with it.

1. Starlight (SF9’s Chani – True Beauty OST)

Actor Hwang In-yeop portrayed Han Seo-joon, the secondary lead character in his drama True Beauty. His character was an idol trainee who left the K-Pop industry after a tragic event. This performance of him on the stage made everyone cry not only because he finally went back to his passion but also because he was able to forgive and let go of the pain he endured. Listen to this music and reminisce familiar memories engraved in your heart with SF9’s Chani.

2. Can you see my heart (Heize – Hotel Del Luna OST)

Lee Ji-eun (IU) portrayed the character of Jang Man-wol, a beautiful, moody, and self-centered owner of Hotel Del Luna. Alongside IU were Yoo Jin-goo who played the character of Goo Chan-seong, the hotel’s manager, and Lee Do-Hyun who portrayed the character Go Chung Myung, Jang Man-wol’s past lover. If you have ever watched this series, you might be one of us who bawled our eyes out after knowing Go Chung Myung and Jang Man-wol’s secretive past.

Who would have thought that the firefly we always see beside Man-wol was the reincarnated character of Goo Chung Myung who secretly stayed one step behind Man-wol? Sad to say, Man-wol did not see his heart. Listen to this music and discover why Goo Chung Myung deserves to find happiness until the end.

3. Loving with all your heart (Damsonegongbang – I’m not a Robot OST)

Loving with all your heart might also be hard for you. For Kim Min-kyu, portrayed by actor Yoo Seung-ho, in the Korean Drama series “I’m not a Robot”, giving someone his heart is really not easy. If you are also scared to get hurt, this song might be a good option for you. Listen to this music and ask the question, “How can you do that?” to someone who loves with all their heart. In that way, you might find the answers to it.

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4. My love is hurt (Lee Sang Gon – Gu Family Book OST)

The “Gu Family Book” was one of the dramas that lead me to the wonderful world of Korean Dramas. It was released in 2013 and yet up until today, I can still feel the pain associated with Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) and Dam Yeo-wool’s (Bae Suzy) tragic love story. At a young age, I discovered how painful it is to love but even so, I knew that love hurts and tears are bitter because it comes from love. Listen to this song and melt your frozen heart with its love temperature.

5. Windflower (Lee Seun hee – Legend of the Blue Sea OST)

Legend of the blue sea was a Romance, Comedy, and Fantasy drama starring Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho. The unexpected love story between a con artist and a mermaid is what made me watch the drama. However, the music along with the other elements made me love it for real. I could even play its OST Playlist all day, that is how good its songs are. If you want to cry because you are afraid your dazzling memories with a person will get erased, this song might be the best for you. Listen to Lee Seun-hee’s Windflower and don’t let go of your lover’s hand.

Music can communicate our stories, and these are just a few of my favorite sad K-Drama OST. Some people kill time while listening to their favorite music while others listen to it because they are a fan of the artists or they can relate to it. Whatever reasons you have, I think we can all agree that music unites us in different ways. Whether it be on emotions, styles, mood, and such.

Do you know these K-Drama songs? If not, would you mind sharing your Go-to songs with us? Let’s listen to these songs together!

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