Capture Your Best Memories with Wacky Studio!

Wacky Studios

Attention, Dasmireños! Direct your gaze here because Wacky Studio proudly presents an array of self-photoshoot services, complemented by an array of adorable and captivating props for your photos.

Rest assured, you’ll take home not only high-quality but also endearingly charming photos with you, whether you’re with friends or your cherished loved ones!

Capture Your Best Memories with Wacky Studio!

Make every moment memorable with their photo services that you can take home with you. They’re located on the Ground Floor, near the food court in SM Dasmariñas.

Wacky Studio SM Dasmariñas | Photo Props

Each picture will give you an ample time of 15 seconds to do your poses before it captures. Beginning at PHP 200, their services offer two copies, with each containing a compilation of four distinct photos. Furthermore, they generously provide an entire copy featuring eight shots, all for an affordable price of just PHP 250.

Meanwhile, they offer add-ons: reprinting copies, and enjoying unlimited shots come at a nominal cost of PHP 100. The latter will last for 120 seconds.

Lastly, their self-shoot services enable you to design your copies: insert texts and adorable clip-arts. You can also choose the color of your copies, and if you prefer creative background to make it more fun!

What’s more? Soft copies are also available after the photo booth session via QR code. And, you can redeem your copies instantly as long as you have a data connection! Moreover, you’ll be provided with four files: a timelapse capturing your entire self-photoshoot session, a unique video taken by Wacky Studio, as well as both color and greyscale versions of your photos.

Wacky Studio SM Dasmariñas | Photo Soft Copies

As you walk into the studio, the first thing you will see are their friendly staff, captivating interior, and beautiful lighting.

Their group of staff is accommodating, and they will nicely guide you into your self-photoshoot experience — making this place welcoming!

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Additionally, the place itself also feels welcoming with its playful ornaments, and interactive frames that you and your friends can use as if you’re in an Instagram post.

Wacky Studio SM Dasmariñas | Mirror Frame

Their exceptional lighting techniques play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of your photos, accentuating your skin tone without it being overwhelming.

So, if you’re fond of self-shoot studios, you can add Wacky Studio to your list!

Their good-quality photos, props and even customer service make it enticing to everyone who wants to make every moment count. Moreover, make more memories with the people you love the most by capturing it all in a cute photograph that you can keep!

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