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May 2021

May 2021

Summer does not last all year but the memories made during the summer do not fade away. It lasts despite the summer sun has already passed. It has been carved in ethereal realms as beauty glistens with promise and no qualms. Although we are not free as air and the heat never seems, we experience the best of skies of blue and relish in the cold that drinks could ensue.

Village Pipol Magazine May 2021 Issue

This May, ethereal beauty reigns over the birth of flowers and gentle beings. For VP/Cover, we see Angelina Cruz define amelioration, the act of making something better, and her improvement as she rises – not as a legacy, but as her own. Aside from showing off his rare sunkissed beauty, Marc David detailed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on this year’s summer on VP/Spotlight.

We celebrate Mother’s Day and get a glimpse of the unique relationship between mother-and-daughter Jessa Zaragoza and Jayda Avanzado for the VP/Special. For VP/Exclusive, Neil Padilla takes social media by storm as he capitalizes on it with his irresistible appeal and magnetic looks. Jordan Magno, on the other hand, enumerates why self-expression remains a vitality; a life force, and energy.

Despite the pandemic, it proved that summer remained the best season with a thousand colors bursting on a parched landscape.

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