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Do These 5 Things to Maximize Your Angono Trip

Do These 5 Things to Maximize Your Angono Trip

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Recognized for its cultural heritage and artistic community, Angono takes pride in its moniker as the ‘Art Capital of the Philippines’. Undeniably, this prospering town is best known for its colorful festivals, the Higantes Festival and the Feast of St. Clement. Only an hour away from Metro Manila, the town of Angono offers culture, solace, and a breath of fresh air. A perfect rendezvous for a quick escape from the busy city life.

To guide you with your trip, here are five things you should do, Angono Rizal:

Visit Angono Lakeside Eco-Park

The Angono Lakeside Eco-Park, popularly known as ‘Wawa,’ is a favorite go-to place of the locals. Situated at the lakeside of Laguna Lake, this park offers a brilliant view of the sunset and the high-rise buildings of Metro Manila. You can also avail a boat ride for a cheap price to maximize this experience. Moreover, there is a lot of local street food to try in the area, an open space for biking, and a playground for children.

Immerse yourself in the arts

It’s no secret that Angono is a haven for artists, hailing two National Artists: Lucio San Pedro for music and Carlos “Botong” Francisco for visual arts. Well, everywhere you look, there is a piece of art. So, take this opportunity when you visit to dive more into the local culture by museum hopping.

Some museums are Carlos “Botong” Francisco Ancestral House, Blanco Family Art Museum, Balaw-Balaw Restaurant and Art Gallery, Nemiranda Arthouse, and the street murals of Doña Aurora St.

Visit coffee shops from the mountaintops

We all know Filipinos love coffee; it’s an integral part of our lives. We basically cannot live without it. But imagine drinking it while feeling the breeze and seeing city lights—total relaxation! You will undoubtedly like the view of Rizal Province’s mountains and Metro Manila’s buildings from these coffeehouses on the mountaintops. Perfect for chill moments with friends and families.

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Take a stroll back in history

Tatler Asia

Did you know that the oldest known rock art in the Philippines can be found in Angono Rizal? The Angono-Binangonan Petroglyphs are a significant archeological treasure from 3,000 years ago. Giving us a glimpse of the prehistoric era. The petroglyphs consist of around 127 human and animal figures engraved on a rock surface, depicting our ancestors’ different practices and ways of life.

Eat fried itik

Last but not least, a trip would only be complete with food. While there are a lot of restaurants and silogans around the town, it is worth trying their number one delicacy—fried itik. Don’t keep yourself from getting a taste of this special crispy skin and tender meat of Angono’s fried itik.

It’s quite uncommon for a town to cater both modernity and heritage simultaneously. And with other towns rich in cultural heritage being hours away from the capital region, Angono is a treat.

Undoubtedly, Filipinos are one of the most hardworking people. We should allot time to get in touch with our history and give ourselves a break from work. So, having this artistic town nearby allows us to do these. Angono will mesmerize you with its beauty and talent—the true heart and soul of Philippine art.

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