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VP/Spotlight | Jomar Yee: Comic Star of Positivity

VP/Spotlight | Jomar Yee: Comic Star of Positivity

Hitting the very core of Filipino humor through his short but hilarious skits on TikTok, Jomar Yee has become one of the fastest rising TikTok stars in the Philippines. He knows exactly how to make mundane Filipino experiences into humorous skits; just as how funny it is reminiscing all the unforgettable childhood moments.

Jomar continues to spread positivity and to put smiles on the faces of his 9.8 million followers through his videos that have garnered more than 311 million likes. Indeed, he has mastered the art of online comedy today, but just like any star, Jomar holds a beautiful story of a beginning.

Dawn of a Star

Although no one could tell from his present self, Jomar Yee was a shy-type person, spending most of his time at home. He used to juggle on his hands both work and school while consistently looking for other ways to generate finances. Difficult was that game, but this star found contentment and happiness doing them all at the same time.

It was a typical day back in 2019 when boredom struck Jomar. While spending some time scrolling down the video-sharing app, he encountered a content that ignited his passion for videos, pictures, and editing; so he created his own. And far from his knowledge, the mundaneness of that day was the dawn of the star he is today.

Sabi ko sa sarili ko no’n, basta [maipag-grocery] ko lang ‘yong family ko, okay na ‘ko. Pero hindi ko akalaing magiging career ko na pala talaga ‘to…

Jomar Yee on his goal during the early beginnings of his TikTok career.

This comic star was born out of the commonplaceness of his everyday life. More than being destined to shine, Jomar Yee combined passion, determination, and hard work to bring himself at the peak where he illuminates today.

Through His Multiverse

With his creative and quick-witted personality, Jomar introduced to the online world his own multiverse. It comprises numerous characters that people loved and relate to. Among them were the strict-looking teachers, Marites-like neighbors, and ever-antagonist of his Encantadia Series, Nora and Basing. Of all these portrayals, Jomar loves his iconic characters the most for many reasons.

Ang pinaka-favorite ko [ay] si Mima and Junjun kasi ‘yong Junjun, ako talaga ‘yon. And ‘yong nanay naman na si Mima, siya yung bida sa video kasi nanay ko ‘yon sa totoong buhay na ginaganapan ko lang sa video.

The comic star on portraying Mima and Junjun

Mima, Jomar’s remarkable motherly character catches the attention of many audience for her strict but loving attitude for her son, Junjun. Known for thick hair and iconic red printed daster, Mima shared a lot of typical Filipino mother-child moments with Junjun that made them more relatable to anyone who chances on them.

Little did everyone knew, these humorous skits presenting the tandem were far more than just the creative juices of Jomar Yee. Rooted from his own childhood memories and experiences, these skits became relatable even to the comic star himself.

Sobrang saya lang kasi nakaka-relate din ‘yong madaming tao [sa mga bagay] akala ko sa ‘kin lang nangyari ‘yong gano’n [noon].

Jomar Yee said in an interview.

Of all the contents that Jomar has published, he shared one that he considers his most memorable skit. This content creator remembers clearly his real-life reference for his content showing him passing by a party in the neighborhood, only to catch the attention of the part host and take home some food.

Noong bata ako, ‘pag may handaan sa kapitbahay namin, palagi kaming nag uusap ng nanay ko, na ‘Ma may birthday dun oh.’ Tapos dumadaan ako sa harap nila para magpapansin, para lang mabigyan kami ng pagkain, gano’n.

Jomar Yee sharing his reference for one of his skits

Getting to know the story behind all these skits that the audience laughs on adds to its substance and depth. He truly learned the art of finding the intersection point between his reality and creative world in online spaces.

The Comic Star Effect

Sharing the similar humor with his audience, every content that Jomar Yee publishes online, viewers would surely find themselves enjoying him as their laughing pill. After a long day in school and work, chancing upon the skits of Jomar would definitely create the good vibe effect among his followers. Moreover, this comic star would not fail taking them back to their younger days, and just find themselves laughing over the matters they cried on before.

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This is the same reason why he chose all those storylines to be significant parts of his contents. Jomar wants people to relate with all the moments that they can encounter even in the most typical days. And from there, they would realize that their mundane encounters are actually shared experiences among a bigger community.

On the other hand, the impact of this TikTok star becomes in-depth, purposeful, and more personal for those who found in Jomar, their escape from the harsh reality. True to the saying, laughter is the best medicine for many people. In this case, Jomar Yee seemed to be the nurse that hands them over the laughing pills through his contents. And Jomar finds so much joy to have unconsciously done these.

Iba sa feeling na nakakatulong ka sa mga taong nakakaranas ng stress, depression and anxiety. ‘Yung mga taong nakakaranas ng ganiyan, talagang mini-message nila ko [privately], na nagpapasalamat sila na tumawa sila or napasaya ko sila.

Jomar Yee on the messages he gets from his fans

Being kind is free. And Jomar Yee doubled the effort in spreading positivity by allowing the people to enjoy his craft through the world he creates online. No doubt, he is on his way to let everyone experience the comic star effect he brings.

Undeniably, the world revolves in a quicker motion today, and living in its circles could be tiring and full of negativity. But thanks to those who put colors to the monochromatic life of mundaneness, just like Jomar Yee who became the comic star of positivity.

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