Transparent Communication: Why Openly Communicate?

Transparent Communication: Why Openly Communicate?

This is a no-brainer; transparent communication is fundamental in overcoming almost any interpersonal conflict. Now, let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind the importance of why we should openly communicate.

Transparent Communication: Why Should We Openly Communicate?

Would you prefer to resolve issues passively-aggressively? When we neglect to communicate our needs, clarity certainly remains elusive. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to become, or continue being, an open communicator.

Moreover, it’s not solely passive-aggressiveness that can convey the wrong message. Expecting others to read our minds also contributes to communication challenges. Note that people cannot read minds. Therefore, failing to communicate your needs and wants will result in them not getting fulfilled.

Similarly, another individual should also clarify their needs and wants to prevent misunderstandings between both parties. In our previous article, it’s stated that transparency leads to authentic engagement, and fosters understanding.

Furthermore, it also creates emotional connection, and vulnerability—all essential for maintaining healthy relationships through a give-and-take approach.

On the other hand, failure to communicate can have negative effects on others, too.

If you ever got accustomed to people being passive just to prove a point, you may not want to do that. Doing this will only mess up your, and other people’s mind due to overthinking.

Why is that? Because failing to address your needs and lacking clarity can lead others to overanalyze situations. Moreover, lack of expression can also result in misinterpretations for both parties, leading to further resentment issues.

So how are we going to communicate our needs calmly and effectively?

You can begin by cultivating mindfulness and composure to manage your emotions before expressing yourself. Consider asking for the person’s side, then you can ask for some time to gather your thoughts before speaking.

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Take a moment to gather your thoughts and also consider the needs of the other person before speaking or taking action. It’s important to know both sides for both parties to make any relationship work.

It’s crucial to prove your point with relevant experiences to reinforce your message. Speak calmly and clearly, whether online or face-to-face, to effectively communicate your needs.

Finally, this is where resolution occurs. With the other person aware of your needs through your openness, both of you can now consider each other’s experiences. This fosters fulfillment on both sides, resolving any miscommunication.

See? It’s perfectly fine to have personal wants and needs, and expecting respect from the other person is entirely reasonable. These are known as boundaries, which both parties should acknowledge. Furthermore, conflicts can be resolved through open communication, empathy, compassion, listening without preconceived judgment, and a willingness to compromise. This is one way of building healthy connections that are for keeps!
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