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Couple Goals: Lifetime Love to Lifetime Investment

Couple Goals: Lifetime Love to Lifetime Investment

We usually see a lot of couple goals all over or socials or even on a daily basis. They may probably be a wholesome date with your boyfriend or girlfriend or other usual thing a couple do. But what’s more overwhelming is when you get to have a lifetime investment with your love of your life. Sounds exciting, right?

This is very true to the story of John Micheal Briones and Hannah Louise Belza, a young couple and entrepreneur in Nabua. They are the owner of Carraba (formerly known as Creamy Deck), a popular food restaurant in Rinconada.

Photo from Floyd Margallo, Blaremazing

John Micheal and Hannah started as an elementary classmates and eventually turned as highschool friends. Year 2018, on their Senior High School years when they decided to enter into a romantic relationship. They both are a college graduate of Camarines Sur Polytechnic College-Nabua and University of Saint Anthony in Iriga.

Photo from John Micheal Briones

At a very young age, this young couple already established their own business at Nabua, Camarines Sur. With their love going out together just to eat, this then motivated them to put up their own business which is Creamy Deck, now Carraba. 

According to John Micheal, her girlfriend already knows how to run a business eversince they’ve become a couple. 

“My partner started her online business first before we became a couple few years ago. That I think is one of the main foundation on building our main business which is Creamy Deck.”

John Micheal Briones, Owner CarrabaPh
Photo from John Micheal Briones
Photo from Floyd Margallo, Blaremazing

It was during the pandemic last November 2022 when they decided to open the first ever branch of Creamy Deck in Nabua. Although, before putting up a physical store, they already established their brand through online platforms such as facebook. Because of their determination and perseverance, Creamy Deck eventually became popular not just to every Nabueños but even to other nearby Municipalities as well. 

However, just like any other business, they were not spare with struggles along the way. John Micheal and Hannah faced various challenges which then led them into some decisions for their business. Problems like government responsibilities and even on proper finance of money are some of what they’ve faced as business owners.

It affected their business, yes but it made them eager to provide better products and changes for the sake of their costumers who in return patronize their business so much.

“Like what other said, you will only know someone’s true attitude in times of crisis. And I believe that [those] challenges form our relationship more as a couple by working things together.”

John Micheal Briones, Owner CarrabaPh

Just this May, they formally opened Carraba to the public. They are best known for its delicious and budget-friendly samgyupsal in town. Aside from that, they also offer other to-go meals at a very affordable price! 

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Its rebranding didn’t actually hinder their business, rather it even helped them grow bigger and better. Today, costumers all over Rinconada area had been showing great support with their business. Thus, many Rinconada online content creators also didn’t miss to promote Carraba to the public. 

You can visit Carraba in Francia, Iriga City, in front of Regina Mondi Colleges Inc. They also have food stalls located at Iriga Plaza. 

John Micheal also reminded her fellow young entrepreneur of how important it is to love and be passionate on your choosen path. 

“Don’t stagnate, [just] continue innovating your business to not [be] left behind.”

– John Micheal Briones, Owner CarrabaPh

This young couple is indeed a manifestation that with courage and dedication, you can possible make things work. Even if they may be at a young age, it didn’t hinder them to do what they love to do as a couple. More so, despite facing so many challenges, Creamy Deck and Carraba PH helped them to grow better not just as a boyfriend or girlfriend but even as an individual.

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