ONLINE maximizes the strength of integrated multi-media story telling, low cast ads and its wide audience. We offer online content like featured article and listicles. Other services will be conceptualization of online activity with engagement, includes drafting of mechanics and monitoring of entries.


Village Pipol is the 1st FREE Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Technology and News multimedia Publication in the Country, established in 2006. We also combine Traditional and New Media by integrating Social Media as the tool communicating largest groups to promote and share information. Last 2008, Village Pipol is also Awarded by ASIA PASIFIC EXCELLENCE AWARD for most Innovative Online Publication.


  • Video 3 in 1 (Video, Artist & Social Media Promotions)
    A new media web based video blog with micro-influencers that provides unique brand promotions!
  • Video 5 in 1 (Video, Artist, Print, Digital & Social Media Promotions)

VPLUG is a web-based video blog with Brand Ambassador that promotes thru the various social media channels and can be used by the brand for product and services promotional purposes, it comes in print, online ( plus mobile app with exclusive content and social media promotion a new medium that will become the future of advertising and alternative way of promoting brands.

PR Seeding & PR Management

Red Entertainment inc. offers PR services to different brands in helping them to penetrate the market through promotional write ups. Moreover, we have a wide circle of connection to print and broadcast media, bloggers and influencers which will definitely help clients in merging into the competition.