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E.A.T. Contestant Brought Everyone to Tears in The Latest Episode

E.A.T. Contestant Brought Everyone to Tears in The Latest Episode

73-year old E.A.T. contestant brought everyone to tears in the latest episode

73-year-old E.A.T. Contestant, Miss Angie, brought everyone to tears as she told her story in the latest E.A.T. segment, ‘Babala! ‘Wag Kayong Ganuuun…‘ this August 15. This segment has shed some light on those who have no choice but to live alone.

E.A.T. Contestant Brought Everyone to Tears in The Latest Episode

Miss Angie told the E.A.T. hosts that she has been living alone for three years because her husband has already passed away. She has two daughters who now have their own families.

Furthermore, Ryan Agoncillo asked if she lives alone by choice, and that’s when Miss Angie broke down. She shared her sentiments about how lonely she felt, and how much she wanted her daughters and grandchildren to visit her.

As she continued to share her narrative, the depth of her story made Paolo Ballesteros, and other netizens emotional.

Yung lumalabas kayo parang hindi ninyo ako maalala. Hindi naman kasi ako mukhang kawawa kaya binabalewala na lang nila ako,

Despite the intensity of her emotions, Miss Angie remained considerate in clarifying that her feelings were merely subjective; a reflection of her own experience. She acknowledged that her feeling of rejection might be right or wrong.

After telling her story, she told the hosts that visiting her once in a while would help in making her feel better.

Although, she made it clear that her children were still calling her through video calls. Of course, nothing beats the physical bond that was shared between your family.

As our parents grow older, they can feel emotions too deeply because of bodily changes. Given the fact that Miss Angie has already lost her spouse, this serves as an additional catalyst for her feelings of isolation.

This segment has illuminated the hearts of many viewers, evoking a shared emotional resonance among them.

This became a wake-up call to visit your parents often even after you had your own life, and perhaps, a family. As we grow up, we often forget that they’re also growing old.

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Medically speaking, they may experience heightened emotions due to some life and body changes that they have endured. This is why we should show more of our love to them because they need it too, sometimes.

Regardless if they look fine, or if they don’t look okay, visiting them often would mean so much to them. For sure, they also miss you, and their grandchildren, if you have any. Offering increased focus and care to your parents, while encouraging the children to engage and bond with them, can significantly contribute to alleviating their sense of loneliness.

Doing this is not necessarily an utang na loob, but rather something that’s priceless.

Your family can make more memories with them that they can bring with them as your children grow up. I understand that life can be hectic, yet it’s possible to carve out additional moments for them during your free time.

So, compromise, meet their efforts halfway, show, and make them feel that you care for them! And just like Miss Angie, seeing her daughters would be enough to make her happy.

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