About Us

Village Pipol Magazine is the 1st FREE Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Technology and News Multimedia Magazine in the country, established in 2007. Fast forward to early of year 2017, when it first introduced New Media services and unique measures in the current fragmented market.

We, at Village Pipol, aim to prove that print is isn’t dead yet, but it can sure be a partner-in-crime: and that’s where the digital story begin. Let’s all enjoy the perks of both world!

Our Team


Richie De Quiña
Managing Director

Richie is CEO and President of the RED Entertainment Group of Companies. He studied ComSci but is also a Salesman, Marketer, and Sportsman at heart.

As a Brand builder, who in his more than 25 years of experience has managed and built some of the Biggest Brands in the country.

Gwyn Crisostomo
Managing Director


Josh Austria
Chief Operation Officer and Founder

Aside from being a businessman, Josh has been working in PR and media industry for more than a decade. From his years of experience as the Marketing and Advertising Head of Village Pipol Magazine, he has built strong relationships with creative people, brands, and organizations.


John Luke Chica

I’m currently the Creative Director for RED Entertainment, Grafik Crowd, Village Pipol, and RED Sports. Previously, I was handling Marketing for MyPhone, a local mobile phone brand in the Philippines.
Working in the publishing business has lead him to a newfound love as a novel writer.

Allen Esteban
Digital Manager & Layout Artist

Allen is a graphic designer and desktop publisher. He is a graduate of Architecture but his love for print and digital media led him to become a graphic artist for diverse design companies. If he wants it, he does everything to get it. He loves anything local and he loves to travel. He spends all of his money on magazines and books and considers potatoes as the only vegetable he would eat.

Inyi Yruma
Marketing Specialist
Tech Writer

Known by many as INYI, he boasts a decade-long career in marketing. With a specific focus on the consumer electronics sector, he previously held the role of Marketing Manager at MyPhone, a prominent local mobile phone company. Beyond this role, he is a co-owner and president of the Tech & Lifestyle brand FLEEK and remains highly engaged in crafting captivating social media content.


Nash August
Resident Stylist

Nash August known to be a Fashion Stylist, Creative Director, a Choreographer and a Dance Artist. He grow up fulfilling his desire in different form of arts. Thus, art drives him to where he at right now. His passion in visual art, dance, and fashion is something that he will always commit himself at. He believe that he was meant to be an artist and will die as an artist.

Chud David Dulay
Content Creator

Chud has always believed that to write is to live a human life as it is meant to be free and is destined to set others free -the very essence of humanity. He sees writing as a tool to bring the world closer to people. It is a challenge that he takes on in every story, poem, article and film he writes.

Instagram | @angelagraceb_

Angela Baltan
Contributing Writer

Angela is a writer who doesn’t hesitate to be opinionated. She writes about topics and categories that deeply intrigue and interest her. As a writer, she uses her articles to advocate for feminism, gender equality, and mental health among others.


Beatrize Sofia Vicedo
Contributing Writer

Bea is a highly motivated working girl by day and a certified K-pop fan by night. Telling stories creatively is her goal and public service is what she loves. She loves pizza more than anything and is obsessed with 80s movies. She believes in a quote from Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never what you’re gonna get”.


Annefreid Vivar
Health and Beauty Writer

Annefreid often finds herself being lost in the lines of serene melodies of this world. When writing, she usually uses personal anecdotes, and she also likes to write about the things she loves. She also wanted her write-ups to be something people will look for whenever they wanted to know about something, as she’s fond of aiding people through her words as a writer. Moreover, she spends her time making music and creatively writing where she can exercise her creativity.

Vee de Sera
Pageant Writer

Vee De Serra is a go-getter and a writer driven by passion. When in doubt, Vee believes that “Life isn’t fair but it is up to you make it one”. As a city and a beach person, when the sun is out, expect Vee to spend hours getting lost in the concrete jungle or laying by the shoreline with both finishing the day by watching a beautiful sunset.

Julia Reign Reyes
Tech Writer

Reign needs the aid of music, podcasts, or video game streams while working. Her goal as a writer and an artist is to capture the ephemerality of stories. During her free time, she immerses herself in documentaries, movies, games, and art. She writes about technology, food, and travel.


Current Openings
Village Pipol wants you!

Join our growing team and be the better version of yourselves! If you want to work with creative minds, VP is the best place to be. We are looking for interns who are willing to step up and learn more about the complex avenue of the industry.

Village Pipol trains individuals through experience and expert’s guidance. Send your cover letter, CV and portfolio to redentertainmentph@gmail.com. The team will be happy to meet new faces who can change the industry’s play game.