About Us

Village Pipol Magazine is the 1st FREE Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Technology and News Multimedia Magazine in the country, established in 2007. Fast forward to early of year 2017, when it first introduced New Media services and unique measures in the current fragmented market.

We, at Village Pipol, aim to prove that print is isn’t dead yet, but it can sure be a partner-in-crime: and that’s where the digital story begin. Let’s all enjoy the perks of both world!

Our Team


Richie De Quiña
Managing Director

Richie de Quina CEO and President of RED Entertainment Group of Companies. took ComSci but is a Salesman, Marketing, and Sportsman at heart.

A Brand builder who in his more than 25 years of experience has managed and build some of the Biggest Brands in the country.

Gwyn Crisostomo
Managing Director


John Luke Chica

I’m currently the Creative Director for RED Entertainment, Grafik Crowd, Village Pipol, and RED Sports. Previously, I was handling Marketing for MyPhone, a local mobile phone brand in the Philippines.

Jim Zamora

Jim Reynold Zamora is a Broadcast Communication graduate from the prestigious Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He is an active advocate for mental health and gender equality, a writer, and a creative visionary.


Josh Austria
PR & Marketing Manager

Aside from being a businessman, Josh Austria has been working in PR and media industry for more more than a decade. From his years of experience as the Marketing and Advertising Head of Village Pipol Magazine, he has built strong relationships with creative people, brands, and organizations.


Frame Rivas
Digital Manager

Twentysomething. ISFP-T. Photographer, Graphic designer, & Video Editor. Dog & Coffee Lover.

Dunredd Blanco
Layout Artist

Dunredd Blanco studied Architecture at Bulacan State University. Aside from his talent in designing, he also promotes green living through his own business, CoraBella PH.


Zisa Blanca
Layout Artist

Zisa Blanca is a Bachelor of fine arts major in advertising graduate from University of Rizal System Anongo Campus. She is an Artist, painter and a graphic designer.


Angele Baltan
Editorial Associate

Hailey Alcantara
Content Creator

Queenie Lasta got her bachelors degree in Communications Research from UP Diliman. On her free time, she likes to read thriller novels, psychology books and mangas. She believes in the importance of grit, hardwork and passion to become a great writer in the future.



Lord Harvey Monteroso
Content Creator

Having graduated from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, Lord Harvey Monteroso doesn’t shy away from using words to create visual images when he writes. He also makes sure to add humor with his in-depth analyses when writing movie/trailer/tv series/music video/song reactions and reviews.

Ria Gentoroy
Content Creator

Ria Genteroy is an English Language Studies graduate from the University of Santo Tomas. A media personnel by profession and a storyteller by heart, she aspires that her words spark meaningful conversations.

Arthur Tolentino
Content Creator

Arthur Tolentino is a creative who has diverse interests from creative writing to hairstyling and pageant coaching. Being passionate that he is, he loves pop culture and loves to talk about anything and everything under the sun.

Ren Stephen Dingli
Content Creator

Has a Bachelor’s degree in communication. A creative and innovative individual who is passionate about photography, graphics and layout design, astrology, and LGBTQ representation.

Current Openings
Village Pipol wants you!

Join our growing team and be the better version of yourselves! If you want to work with creative minds, VP is the best place to be. We are looking for interns who are willing to step up and learn more about the complex avenue of the industry.

Village Pipol trains individuals through experience and expert’s guidance. Send your cover letter, CV and portfolio to [email protected] The team will be happy to meet new faces who can change the industry’s play game.