Try These 10 Fun Activities to Make Catching Up More Exciting

Friends are a huge part of our lives. You grew up with them and shared many memorable moments with them. They stand by our side through thick and thin and through sadness and joy. However, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a way to spend time together. The places that used to be your tambayan are now boring.

Are you tired of going to coffee shops or the same old places to hang out with friends? Make catching up more exciting with these activities:

1. Archery Range

This activity will surely ignite the Hakweye or Katniss Everdeen inside you. Put your focus and athletic skills to the test with archery range activities.

2. Pottery Making

pottery making
Crown Asia

Want a calmer and more relaxed environment while reflecting on the past? Try pottery-making!

3. Museum Date

Are you running out of pictures to post? Going on a museum date with friends is the way to go! Besides, this activity will get you in touch with arts and culture.

4. Rage Room

rage rooms

What’s more liberating than letting go of all your anger and stress against the world with your friends?

5. DIY Bakery

Meanwhile, baking and designing a cake will put your imaginative mind to good use. Also, I think it’s time to relive those funny TLE subject moments, do you agree?

6. Trampoline Jumping

Trampoline Jumping Activities

You guys have been slacking off in school and at home. Get up, move around, and show off how high you jump!

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7. Ukay-Ukay Shopping

More than saving money, thrifting is therapeutic and rewarding when finding worthy items! Doing this with friends will undoubtedly be a burst of fun; it’s like treasure hunting clothes edition.

8. Ice and Roller Skating

Skating activities
SM Supermalls | ChaseJase

Ready your legs and knees and show off your balancing skills. Enjoy gliding around the rink while chit-chatting with your friends and socializing.

9. Movie or Karaoke Night

While movie marathons and karaoke can be fun, no house is usually available to host them. Going to movie theaters to watch the latest release can be an alternative, though costly. Moreover, renting a karaoke room allows you to be as loud as you can.

10. Quick Trip or Swimming

roadtrip and swimming

What is more fun than going on vacation with friends? Perfect for the upcoming summer, plan a trip or a pool outing with your friends this year!

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