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Troye Sivan’s Latest Music Video Leaves the Internet Awestruck

Troye Sivan’s Latest Music Video Leaves the Internet Awestruck

Troye Sivan in his lates MV, 'One of Your Girls'

Australian singer and actor, Troye Sivan, shattered norms by dressing up in drag in his groundbreaking new music video, captivating audiences worldwide. This song is included in his latest album release, ‘Something To Give Each Other.’

Troye Sivan’s Latest ‘One of Your Girls’ Music Video Leaves the Internet Awestruck

People | Troye Sivan Gets Into Drag for ‘One of Your Girls’ Video and Says Ross Lynch Was a ‘Perfect’ Costar (Exclusive)

Troye Sivan‘s ‘One of Your Girls‘ music video, released last Friday, truly reveals him as the ‘face card, no cash, no credit,’ girlie as it beautifully showcases his feminine side. It also features several men, including the American actor-singer, Ross Lynch. This caused many people on the internet to go crazy over his look and the visuals of the music video.

Furthermore, in an interview, Troye explicitly stated that this particular song revolves around his attraction to straight boys. It conveys the message that he can be one of their girls, too.

This insight adds an even deeper layer of meaning to the music video’s concept. This results in a more pronounced physical femininity than his usual appearance. It also shows his ability to do things like those other girls, with him as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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The backstory of this song demonstrates his capacity to transcend and rise above the constraints of his sexuality.

Returning to the past, he publicly revealed his homosexuality in August 2013 through a YouTube video. After years of embracing his sexuality, he has now fully embraced his inner femininity, and we absolutely love his look in the music video!

What’s even better than proudly coming out and being true to yourself? A person’s ability to further embrace his self-expression. And in Troye’s case, through a musical masterpiece that lingers, causing the internet to go crazy over it!

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