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Northbound Getaway: Unveiling Cagayan’s Must-Visit Spots

Northbound Getaway: Unveiling Cagayan’s Must-Visit Spots

What time is it? It’s time for your much-needed summer break! If Cagayan is on your top list, you might want to consider adding these places to your itinerary. 

Palaui Island

Beach, please! No summer escapade would ever be complete without vitamin sea. Just three hours away from Tuguegarao, Palaui Island offers a peaceful and soulful retreat through their pristine waters and majestic views. 

Although the travel time can be long, this certified ecotourism destination would not disappoint you (or your pocket!). This virgin paradise, hailed as one of the top beaches in the world, showcases watersports and fishing activities. 

Before going there, make sure to stop by Crocodile Island, too! This favorite tourist spot in the shape of a crocodile sits on the shores of Palaui Island. Aside from its unique and picture-perfect shape, the island also has rock formations and a marble cliff that serves as a viewing deck. 

Get ready and prepare your OOTDs! There will be a lot of Instagrammable spots, for sure! 

Callao Cave

Traveling for another 21 kilometers is just an easy feat for those who want to experience this popular cave and best-known tourist attraction. If you’re looking for an adventurous journey along Cagayan, then Callao Cave is your calling!

Boasting seven chambers and various rock formations, the cave is still easy to explore and navigate. Prepare to be amazed through the cave’s amazing history and picturesque spots! With their reliable tour guides, clean restrooms, and new pasalubong and snack stalls, the cave is easily a first-timer’s favorite.

After the thrilling adventure from Callao Cave, you may relax and take in the breathtaking view of the Pinacanauan River. With its clear waters and beautiful natural riverscape, travelers can try white water rafting and kayaking here. Aside from its enchanting vibe, it also serves as a water source for irrigation and other agricultural needs of Cagayan Valley. Cool, right?!

The town of Peñablanca surely brings awesome and striking places for the travelers out there. Will these be on your list?

Bluewater Falls & Cave 

You won’t ever feel blue at Bluewater Falls and Cave! This most-visited tourist spot offers their relaxing waterfalls and extraordinary cave. 

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As you walk upon the place,  the breathtaking blue lagoon and limestone formations will greet you. If you’re into swimming, canyoneering, cave diving, or even photography, this place is for you! From its cascading blue waters to the astounding depths of the cave, these natural wonders will surely make your visit worthwhile.

Don’t forget to stop by Lipit Canyon, too! Located just a stone’s throw away from Bluewater Falls and Cave, this narrow stream is walled with stunning rock formations that you might want to check out.

These treats of haven from the town of Baggao are perfect for beating the heat this summer. 

Book that flight

Do these places make you want to hop on that plane already? Worry no more because through Philippine Airlines, you can easily book a flight from Manila to Tuguegarao. 

In just a few clicks and a travel time of 45 minutes, you’ll already be on one of the Philippines’ pristine paradises. Tara let’s! Tawagan na ang barkada at kulayan na ang drawing! 

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