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August 2021

August 2021

August is a slow month. It stretches out the longest across the span of a year. Half of the year has already gone. And, there are only a few months left before 2021 ends. It seems this month became the perfect time to make the most of the entire year. And, because it is a slow month, it yawns and lingers on – being considered the ghost month. The year is slow to alter to forget – due to the COVID-19 pandemic spanning across a few years. 

As a celebration, we featured Sam Pinto on the VP/Cover as she welcomes enigmatic motherhood. For the VP/Spotlight, we celebrate August as the Buwan ng Wika with Editor-in-chief Angela Baltan showcasing Lala Vinzon in a beautifully crafted Filipino feature.

Meanwhile, VP/Xclusive displays DJ Loonyo’s passion overruling his fear of entering the music industry. 

Truthfully, August has been a slow month. But, even then, we shall not regret the current tide that has come. May we continue battling against the steady mobility of this year.


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