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Why You Need Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist This Summer

Why You Need Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist This Summer

We’re all feeling the summer heat. Most of us don’t realize how harmful the scorching sun rays can be. The sun literally burns us because of the UV rays. UV rays are radiation that the sun gives off. It can cause an array of complications from sunburn to skin cancer. Scary, right? So we must protect our skin, especially this summer. Applying sunscreen is a must before stepping out of the house.

The Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist is the perfect summer sidekick that’ll shield you from the harmful UV rays. With its light mist, you already have SPF 50++++ protection. You don’t need to shy away from the sun with this sunscreen.

This sunscreen is getting all the rage right now, and we get it. Here’s why we love the Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist:

Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist
Photo from Skintific

Ultra protection from UV rays

The two types of UV rays are what threatens our skin: the UVA and UVB rays. That’s why regular sunscreens doesn’t cut it. What’s the point of putting sunscreen on if it doesn’t give us the ultimate protection? That’s why we need a broad-spectrum sunscreen like the Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist. Think of it as a force field for your skin, no harmful UV rays can penetrate through it. 

Get what you deserve and ditch sunscreens that don’t provide full protection from the sun. With this sunscreen, you can step into the sun with no worries. Embrace the sunshine while keeping your skin healthy.

Makes reapplying sunscreen easy

Even if we put sunscreen on before we head out, it doesn’t do the job as much as we’d wish. Sunscreen goes away throughout time due to factors like sweating. That leaves you exposed to UV rays throughout the day. So, reapplying is a must! 

Reapplying sunscreen is a hassle though. Whether you have makeup on or you’re too busy to reapply, we admit it’s a hassle. But with Skintific’s All Day Light Sunscreen Mist, a spritz is all you need to re-protect your skin.

Lightweight, non-sticky formula

Some sunscreens usually are heavy on the skin, adding to the sticky feeling we get when it’s hot. It discourages us from wearing sunscreen because who wants to add to the sticky feel we get when it’s hot out? We all want to stay fresh and feel fresh, especially in the heat.

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With the Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist, say goodbye to the sticky feeling. Their sunscreen is equipped with 0.01nm fine spray, making the mist have no texture and lightweight on the skin. It doesn’t give the greasy look other sunscreens give. The mist gives your skin a transparent layer of protection, no greasy skin and no whitecash either.

Nourishing ingredients

Unlike other sunscreens in the market, this sunscreen has ingredients that our skin needs. One bottle of the sunscreen mist has 5X Ceramide, which moisturizes and repairs skin barrier. Ceramides are important lipids that shoo away hyperpigmentation, aging, and dryness. 

It gives protection and skincare benefits—what a steal! Sport confidence in the sun with plump and protected skin with Skintific All Day Light Sunscreen Mist.

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