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Youth of May, a review: all about heartbreaking and melancholic fate

Youth of May, a review: all about heartbreaking and melancholic fate

Youth of May tells the story of life set in 1980. It focuses on social classes, political marriage, patriotism, and love, in general. Starring the lead characters Lee Do Hyun (Hwang Hee Tae) and Go Min-si (Kim Myeong-hee), the plot revolves around the Gwangju Uprising when martial law takes over the town. Also, the unrequited love, sacrifices and tragic story of lead roles.

Knowing Youth of May will put me in tears, I still decided to watch it. Here are my final thoughts:

The first episode already got my attention. There are previews of what will happen at the end. Then, the transitions came, when time flies back to the year 1980 of Gwangju. Lead roles and supporting characters are showing their lives before twists of fate happen to them. All of them have different desires in their hearts that will make all of them connected.

As the stories continue in the next episodes, the storyline is starting to unfold. And questions started to rise. Why is the daughter of capitalists (Lee So Ryeon) on the run, protesting against corrupts? What happens to the relationship of Kim Myeong Hee and her father for having a hard time being with each other? And why does Hwang Hee Tae, the top student of Seoul National University College of Medicine, involved in a risky trouble? Also, why is the role of his father (Hwang Gi Nam) controlling him too much and the city of Gwangju?

Heartbreaking and melancholic story of life

Aside from that, I believe that the setting in the year 1980 gives a different impact to me. Youth of May feels nostalgic, especially with old telephones, old trains, handwritten letters, 80’s music, and the sentimental vibe. All of these just make the story unique and interesting.

Due to the real-life situation and worst-case scenarios during that year, everything brings you into a realistic set and problems that time which somehow remain present today. Just like the situation about Lee So-Ryeon who fights and advocates for the rights of everyone. However, she continues to be belittled because of her capitalist father. Another, plot twist of the story is Hwang Gi-Nam, the head of anti-communist and father of Hwang Hee Tae. He is also behind the killings, crimes and heinous tortures to protesters. Every one of them connects to the hard life of Kim Myeong-hee who she keeps enduring all by herself.

Why I can’t hold back my tears?

The twelve episodes of Youth of May put me on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Every time there’s something good happening, the pain and sadness await. Like, my emotions are so high but a sudden turn of events happen. Then, I’ll feel like I’m falling roughly on the ground with so much ache. As the episodes continue, the agony also prolongs. Even though I got some spoiler alerts before watching it, they still broke my heart and left me into tears that I can’t hold back.

Yet, the fate of the leading characters, Hwang Hee Tae and Kim Myeong-hee are one out of the heart-wrenching and tragic story in life. If you are ready to see yourself in so much pain and feels, risk watching the Youth of May series. Although it’s emotionally draining, your tears will be worth it in the end.

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

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