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Here’s Why You Need to Watch ‘Twinkling Watermelon’

Here’s Why You Need to Watch ‘Twinkling Watermelon’

If you haven’t watched ‘Twinkling Watermelon’ yet, we are giving you a list of reasons why this coming-of-age K-drama directed by Son Jung-hyun is definitely worth the watch. 

It gives off a refreshing and nostalgic vibe

Photos: tvN & Soompi

Who could ever resist a K-drama that features the lives of high school students? This series takes us back to the good old days—creating meaningful friendships, discovering new hobbies, and falling in love. 

Twinkling Watermelon also gives off a refreshing vibe as it was set during summertime. For all the adults who want to blow off some steam and reminisce how lively high school was back in the day, this might be for you. 

Visuals! Need I Say More?

Photos: tvN

Ryeoun is already a treat for our eyes. But Ryeoun along with Choi Hyun-wook, Shin Eun-soo, and Seol In-ah all together in this drama, our hearts would surely be full! With their undeniable charm and breakthrough acting, every minute of Twinkling Watermelon became an emotional rollercoaster—swinging us through sudden jolts of kilig then swaying us to a melancholic sorrow. 

Aside from the main characters, have I already mentioned Koo Jun-hoe? Yes! Our favorite Ju-ne from iKON also played a character in this drama! Are you excited to see him there? 

Boy Band!! 

Photo: tvN

Oh, we all surely love boy bands! This K-drama revolves around high school students who went through highs and lows trying to form a band. The reason? For a boy’s love for a girl, of course. Without prior knowledge to singing and playing the guitar, these boys dived right in. 

Will they succeed? Will the vocalist get his dream girl? If you’re getting curious at this point, you better start watching Episode 1! 

They taught us the most beautiful language

Screen snap from viu

With some characters being deaf in the series, Twinkling Watermelon taught us the most beautiful lingo: sign language.  

“If you really want to express something, you will find a way. And if you want to express more, you just need to learn how to do it,”

says Ha Yi-chan as he hands Cheong-ah’s father a book about sign language. 

The drama showed that effective communication does not need sounds. We can always express ourselves through gestures and, of course, show our love to our hearing-impaired loved ones by learning sign language for them. 

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It showed us love, in all forms

Photos from tvN, MyDramaList, & viu

Love for family? Ha Eun-gyeol, his parents, and his brother did not fail to show this from the very start up to the end. 

Love for friends? It lies along Yi-chan’s boarding house with his grandmother, and even in the corners of the room their band would always rehearse at. 

Love for a significant other? Ha Yi-chan literally made a song for Chung-ah and performed it through sign language so she could understand his confession. 

Consequently, the love from each character made the viewers adore the series even more. 

So, if you’re looking for something to love, laugh at, and cry about for the next few weeks, go ahead and give Twinkling Watermelon a try. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to prepare your mandatory Korean snacks. You can never go wrong with K-drama and a side of Korean food! 

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