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Here’s How Marina Summers showcased Filipino Excellence in her DRUKvsTW Runways

Here’s How Marina Summers showcased Filipino Excellence in her DRUKvsTW Runways

Born in an island and raised by the sea, Marina Summers cemented herself as one of the front runners in the second season of Drag Race: UK vs the World (DRUKvsTW.)

She is the first Filipina yet to represent the Philippines in an international edition of the hit reality television show and make it till the grand finals with three maxi-challenge wins. 

Although her run in the competition was cut short, the drag artist made sure that she’s bringing Filipino culture in every runway category each episode. From iconic Pinoy references, to our own ethnic groups, here’s how Marina Summers successfully showcased Filipino excellence on the runway.

For Queen and Country Runway

Photo Credits: @marinaxsummers/Instagram

Showcasing her hometown, Cagayan Valley, Marina graced the first runway category of the season wearing custom Roman Sebastian with indigenous textiles from the Cordilleras.

Furthermore, Marina explained in her Instagram post that she wanted to showcase the rich culture where she grew up through a look inspired by traditional attires worn by farmers in Banaue Rice Terraces.

She-vil Queen Runway

Photo Credits: @marinaxsummers/Instagram

Leave it to Marina to showcase a campy Filipino villain in the main stage of DRUKvsTW. For the second category of the much-anticipated Ball episode, Marina Summers gave Dugong, a villain from the ‘Marina’ fantaserye, her BBC debut. Wearing a custom Leeroy New creation, Marina pranced the runway imitating its mating call from the show.

Marina’s She-vil Queen runway has sparked debates online on whether it was too much for the international audience. To Marina, it was a much-needed runway to establish her identity as an unapologetic Filipina queen. 

RuVeal Yourself Runway

Photo Credits: @marinaxsummers/Instagram

Marina’s look for the RuVeal Yourself category is an homage to the ring of fire surrounding the Philippines. Definitely giving a whole new meaning to this girl is on fire.

She started with a custom Job Dacon Volcano dress that had detachable pieces that slowly revealed a custom Mak Tumang gown. A dress reminiscent of Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray’s iconic Lava gown.

When I Glow Up Runway

Photo Credits: @marinaxsummers/Instagram

Thanks to the double boot she got for her Bangus Terno She Better Don’t runway from Drag Race Philippines, we are now blessed with a jaw-dropping Rudemption. Undeniably, the gasps and compliments it got from the judges speak for how much of a legendary this look was.

In a custom Axel Que creation, Marina showcased an elevated take on the Philippines’ national fish, the Bangus. Aside from obtaining her second win in this episode, she was also given the “you are born to do drag” comment from the queen of drag herself, RuPaul. 

Business in the Front, Party in the Back Runway

Photo Credits: @marinaxsummers/Instagram

One thing Filipinos don’t play with is karaoke. Obviously, what better way to incorporate that classic Filipino trait in a runway category that begs for a party? Decked in custom Neric Beltran, Marina’s look for the Business in the Front, Party in the Back category is a seemingly chic dress until she turns her back to show a fully functioning karaoke machine.

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On her Instagram post, Marina shared the struggles of making this outfit from perfecting its structure and getting the wirings right so the speakers could work. Nonetheless, the judges’ response was nothing short of the perfect score.

Take Me Up the Aisle Runway

Photo Credits: @marinaxsummers/Instagram

Marina meant it when she said she wanted to represent the whole country. From Luzon, Visayas, and now Mindanao, Marina wore a traditional Yakan wedding ceremony attire on the DRUKvsTW stage.

Marina stood out to the judges for going beyond what’s expected for a bridal category. She wore custom Erich Minoza, with handwoven textiles from the Yakan ethno-linguistic group. Moreover, it was an exceptional showcase of the craftsmanship and culture that ethnic groups in the Philippines have.

Finale Eleganza Extravaganza

Photo Credits: @marinaxsummers/Instagram

Embellished with 3D gold beading and sea foam bookleaf organza, Marina pranced the runway one last time like a deep sea goddess rising from the waves. Ending her DRUKvTW stint with a custom Jan Garcia black velvet gown that represents the Philippine seas.

A dress that culminates her journey from crossing the seas to conquering the world stage.

Marina Summers represented Filipino drag in DRUKvsTW not as one but as a hundred and four million Filipinos. She might not have snatched that crown (yet,) but she successfully showcased the rich and colorful Filipino culture with pride and honor. Marina’s run on the show is her love letter to all queer kids living in a far away nation. It is an excellent introduction to Filipino drag and representation that transcends across cultures.

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