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Afni ventures out of the metro to Santa Rosa, Laguna

Afni ventures out of the metro to Santa Rosa, Laguna

Afni's grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony

Providing great service while maintaining a work space where everyone feels valued is what Afni is all about. This culture shows in their decision to expand to Santa Rosa, Laguna, marking their first office outside of Metro Manila. Afni made this decision to bring jobs closer to people. Their commitment in providing exceptional career opportunities for Filipinos is unyielding.

Afni celebrated the grand opening of their Santa Rosa site on April 13, 2024. The Activity Center of SM Santa Rosa was loaded with Afni’s fun activities. The event featured a live performance by the boy group Alamat. Attendees enjoyed the engaging hosting of Tito Mikee Reyes and Princess Legaspi. The event highlighted Afni’s team, since for them, their team is who makes it happen.

Photo by Katrina Valerio

“Our people in operations and our support functional teams make it happen for all of us. That is the Filipino magic” said Vice President of Philippine Operations Alain Katigbac.

Opening opportunities 

Afni took account of how hard it is for people to find jobs. Many struggle with finding jobs and starting their career because job opportunities are often far and inaccessible. Afni recognizes that it’s vital for Filipinos, the government, and the economy to have jobs within the proximity of communities. 

When Afni surveyed its employees, it shows that the majority of their team lived 22 minutes away from the office. This is unprecedented, especially considering that many Filipinos endure hours of commuting just to get to work.

The new site targets to give 3,000 people jobs by the end of the year. This adds to Afni’s 8,000 employees in their other locations in the Philippines.

Photo by Katrina Valerio

“At Afni, we believe in fostering a supportive work environment where individuals can unlock their full potential, aligned with our ‘Better Begins Here’ philosophy. By opening our new site in Santa Rosa, we are not only creating new job opportunities but also empowering local talents in and around Laguna to thrive closer to where they live,” said Khalid Khursheed, Senior Vice President and Country Manager of Afni Philippines.

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Fostering Excellence

Afni’s commitment to excellent service has been around for 90 years. It goes without saying that they are an esteemed company that has created valuable partnerships in many industries. In Afni, they truly value the connection between businesses, customers, and their people.

Photo by Katrina Valerio

“This site isn’t about growth, it’s about investing in our people. It allows us to nurture an environment where they can excel and reach their full potential. Your success is our success” said Vice President of Philippine Operations Alain Katigbac.

With over 10,000 employees in their sites in the Philippines, U.S., and Mexico their commitment to support their people and clients alike is the reason why better truly starts with Afni.

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