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Affordable stuff for your Minimalist Home!

Affordable stuff for your Minimalist Home!

Having a minimalist home is absolutely aesthetically pleasing to many. It emphasizes simplicity, most especially through the use of neutral colors and materials. Thus, investing minimalist stuff is a plus to make your home more relaxing. 

Here are some affordable yet elegantly looking home stuff on shopee: 

If you are looking for a touch of nordic and modern decorations at home these items are perfect for your taste! These hydrophonic vases plus artsy dried flowers will surely compliment your minimalist vibe home. At a very affordable price, you can have yourself such these artsy items. Spending just over P38 to P185 is such a cheap price for these items.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Additionally, if you are fond of collecting figurines and minimalist wall canvass, you can check these items out. With a starting price of P150 for these elegant figurines and P180 up to P900 for these artsy wall canvass, you can make your home feel more home.

Other items on the cart includes wall mount shelves, artsy wooden tables and chair. Since you’re home has a minimalistic vibe, it would be better to use neutral color such as brown. These items are so affordable and worth the price, for sure.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Also, investing into organizers is a great idea to make your home more spacious. Buying yourself organizer racks which are movable can save up a lot of space. You can easily move it wherever you want it to be placed. You can place anything you wanted to put on these racks. Getting this stuff will not cost you much money since they are all affordable.

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You might also consider buying wall organizers and even a cheap multilayer folding hanger perfect for your trousers. Imagine spending not over 200 pesos, and in return — you’ll get to have these life-saving and space-consuming items you can have for life.

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

These are just some few items you can add and check-out on your cart. There are still a lot of affordable home decorations and stuff on some online shops other than Shopee. You can also check other shops online for more choices!

Remember that in investing something for your home, you’ll just need to exercise your own judgment and creativity. So, this is a sign! Go check out other home stuff at any online shops you know. Happy shopping, home buddies!

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