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March and April 2022 — Surfing the Waves of Power and Stardom with Village Pipol Magazine

March and April 2022 — Surfing the Waves of Power and Stardom with Village Pipol Magazine

Following our grand ingress this 2022, more bombshells are yet to unveil. Village Pipol Magazine just got started to pull the string of celebrations and empowerment. 

Now, this summertime, we proved that there’s something in the warmth of this season. More than the vibrance of the tropical feels, the waves of power and stardom rage through our featured stories.

Consider yourself surfing in the waves, as Village Pipol Magazine takes a glimpse at the best-of-the-best stories in the months of March and April.

Empowering the voices of women 

We followed the cross steps of two empowered women, leading their innovative industries. For a very special time, Village Pipol Magazine featured two uniquely inspiring stories. Their life-changing narratives truly show the empowerment that women behold. 

Anne Barretto ascends to the realm of the unbreakable as women acquire more power and dominance in a man’s world. Moreover, she proves that nothing is more powerful than being herself—she is indomitable Village Pipol Magazine.


In addition to Anne, the successful journey of Kai Karen Santos stands as a beacon of hope to others. Even amidst one of the darkest times in the world, she was able to build a company that provides jobs to many Filipinos.

Discovering the New “Bests”

Well, if you’re still clueless about the perfect summer destination this year, don’t worry! Plan out your trip as early as now because there are hidden gems waiting for you.

Now, if you’re hankering to get a bite of chicken wings— don’t fret because Village Pipol Magazine got you! Discover and taste the flavorsome wings of Tiger Winx.

Conquering the Best Forms of Styling

It takes sheer talent to perfect the art of hairstyling. But for Mycke Arcano, his magic touch is what makes his work the epitome of next-level hairstyling.

Also, if you haven’t decided on a swimsuit yet, time to kick off the vivid, loud, and confident within you. Of course, thanks to Angel Dei for serving the best bikini shoots. 

Kicking off the Summertime Vibes

Then, for the exciting part. You are left with no options but to feel the summertime fervor with our featured drool-worthy bods. In fact, these hunks are ready to lasso your heart and even your thirst!

Fearless Woman. Fearless Mindset. 

Karen Bordador was once put in the dark, faced with uncertainty and hopelessness. But now she is fearless. She’s free to do whatever her heart desires, all while venturing into the spotlight.

The Most Anticipated VP Choice Awards

Further, we highlight the VP Choice Awards 2021! The grandest show commending the outstanding artists, brands, and personalities that emerged to the top last year. Presented this March 26, VP Choice Awards crowns the victors —the best of the best—in the Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology, and Travel industries.

Crossing the threshold

Also, Village Pipol Magazine enliven the iconic journey of 1st.One who has already brought home the bacon from global recognitions to Billboard Music Award nominations. No doubt, the P-pop industry has finally crossed the threshold where it is now flourishing the most.

Striving for the best service

Finally, we give a spotlight to the virtual company that scouts brilliant minds and molds them into skilled virtual assistants. Virtual Squad LLC aims and strives to deliver outstanding service to client partners all around the world.

We bet you definitely caught the waves curling in this issue. Village Pipol Magazine is stirred to show off the best stories of celebrations and empowerment to explore. But, there’s more to come for the next months. So wait for the next exhilarating tales to come!

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