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VP/Xclusives | Hitting the Kilig-meter this Love Month with Hazel Faith

VP/Xclusives | Hitting the Kilig-meter this Love Month with Hazel Faith

Known for our warmth and affectionate nature—it’s never a challenge for us Filipinos to hug, cheek kiss, or express our love for one another. We are enthralled by the excitement of romance, the emotional rush, and the exhilarating joy that comes with loving. It is so precious that we have a specific word to describe this feeling: kilig.

Kilig can stem from anything, whether it’s from little victories, acts of service, or those sweet stolen glances. But for some, the ultimate rush of kilig comes from the art of writing lyrics and creating melodies, just as Hazel Faith boosts everyone’s dopamine through her music and becomes the Kilig Queen that she is.

From Bedroom Concerts to Music Halls

Hazel Faith’s relationship with music didn’t come as a shock, as it had been her lifelong passion. As a child, Hazel and her brother would spend the whole day transforming their bedroom into a makeshift concert arena, with the bed as the main stage. Equipped with flashlights and a cassette tape of minus-one versions of Mulan’s songs—they poured their hearts into their performances.

Truly, manifestation does work, as Hazel Faith gets ready for her first ever solo concert titled “Kilig Pa More Concert.” Happening this February 29 at the Music Museum with special guests Caleb Santos and Jose Mari Chan.

She recalled feeling moved and reaching cloud nine after receiving the offer from True Creators Studio to do a concert. She shared that she started to lose hope of organizing her own show after her hospitalization last year.

“I’m excited, nervous, and grateful all at the same time. Excited because this has been a long-time prayer of mine, nervous because it’s a first for me, and grateful because people believed in me enough to make this happen.”

Hazel Faith on having her first-ever solo concert

Furthermore, this concert holds extra impact for Hazel as her long-time friends in the industry, Tiara Shaye, Geca Morales, and Hongganda, will attend as guest performers.

Rhythms of Romance

A perfect fit for the love month—to satisfy her fans’ mood during the show—is what’s important for Hazel Faith. After a month and a half of preparation, she’s confident her team’s magic will turn her visions into reality. Mostly, she indulges herself in the process of curating the performances and how the audience will receive them.

In this show, fans will experience fresh renditions of her hits, like ‘Kinikilig,’ which gained popularity during the recent pandemic. Moreover, she will be performing the brand-new song she wrote for her husband, titled ‘Tamang Kilig’, arranged by Albert Tamayo, produced, mixed, and mastered by Caleb Santos, and distributed by Sony Music Philippines.

Hazel describes this song as her experience of repeatedly being drawn to guys with major red flags. Frustrated that she will never find someone perfect for her. However, this time, she found herself falling for a man who embodies all the right qualities, bringing her unparalleled happiness.

“I’m very blessed that Caleb, who has been in the industry longer than I have, was able to guide me and support me in the selfless way that he does. I often tell him, I really wouldn’t be able to do the things I am now capable of doing if it weren’t for his encouragement, support, critiques, and even simply his understanding. He has been where I’ve been, and so he is able to be both strong and comforting to me.”

Hazel Faith on sharing same ambitions with her husband Caleb Santos

Additionally, igniting the love in every fan, a lineup of OPM luminaries, including Zela, Avon Rosales, Haliya, Stephanie, Aby, and PIX!E are poised to hype the audience as the front acts.

Sharing Her Life Kilig Moments

Being in industry for more than a decade, she had felt a number of kilig already. For Hazel Faith, kilig is the giddy happiness and butterflies we feel in our stomachs. She mentioned that career-wise, winning the Philippine Pop Top Performing Artist of the Year and watching foreigners dance to Kinikilig made her feel that kilig. Moreover, meeting Gary V. and Jose Mari Chan was a huge kilig moment for her.

Growing up, Gary V.’s vibrant energy resonated in her soul and his discography was her ultimate OPM jam. Since then, she aspired to put out songs as potent as Gary V’s. Meanwhile, she admires Jose Mari Chan’s freedom and articulation in his writing as well as his significance in the local pop culture.

“You know how every Christmas, everyone thinks of JMC? I want every Valentine’s to be that for me. Haha! I would like Kinikilig and my other songs to be THE valentines go-to songs. That would be awesome.”

Hazel Faith on career inspirations

But for her, the most standout kilig moment of her life is when Caleb Santos invited her for the premiere night of “100 Tula Para Kay Stella.” After the movie, she couldn’t get near him as the crowd separated them—when he suddenly appeared right in front of her to invite her for the dinner with the cast. Swarmed by the fans, Hazel was getting left behind, but not until Caleb held her hand tight and led her out of the crowd towards the cast area—a scene straight out of a K-drama!

Weaving the Words of the Heart

As a singer-songwriter, she does not box herself to composing solely for her own. Her experiences working and collaborating with producers, writers, and fellow artists have shaped her into what she is today. Clearly, her versatility is unmatched and undoubted. Though she shared that writing for herself feels more rewarding than writing for other artists. She explained that writing for other artists requires her to mold herself into a specific character.

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“When I’m writing songs for myself, it’s more therapeutic. I can speak in my own way and the people who get it will get it. But when I’m writing for others, it’s a bit like acting. I need to study the artist, what their story is, and how they would express themselves so that it will feel like an expression of them instead of me. There are a lot of things to consider when writing for others. But I enjoy it as well.”

Hazel Faith on writing for other artists

She takes pride in every art piece she creates and sees them as her babies. Witnessing her other songs flourish with other artists brings no twinge of regret. More so, she believes that if they thrive elsewhere, she is nothing but proud of those pieces.

Diving more in her pen game—when Hazel Faith feels anger stirring within—she tends to channel her thoughts into rap. She’s not a confrontational person, but she has a lot to say when she’s raging. So, to release her whirlwind emotions, she dives into the solace of music. Though she doesn’t claim herself to be a good rapper, she learned her flow from listening to rap and hip-hop.

The World from an Artist’s Point of View

For Hazel Faith, the topics of love and kilig are both powerful; they’re both beautiful and at the same time, harmful when misdirected. She emphasized the importance of balancing rationality and emotion when looking for the right person to fall in love with.

“That’s why you always have to lead your heart with your head. Because the wrong kilig can bring out the worst version of yourself. But “Tamang Kilig” gives you a deep, incomparable joy that makes you just bloom! ”

Hazel Faith on finding the right kilig

As an artist, Hazel Faith sees life through a kaleidoscope—full of hues, colorful patterns, and infinite possibilities. This may come off as weird for other people who would rather see life for its normalcy. She is grateful and gracious with everything in her life and cannot wait to share this love with her fans this coming February 29.

“I do see things differently. When they see purple, I see the moment after sunset where the sky is just the right mix of pink and blue. You could say I’ve always felt things very deeply and introspectively. Perhaps narrating life in my head like a story. I often felt like an outcast or a weirdo because of that. But finding my friends and my mahal, I’ve come to love that part of me too.”

Hazel Faith on how she views the world.

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