Crystal Clear 2024: Charms to positively kick off your year

Changing the calendars as the year ends marks the beginning of our busy minds ticking off all the lucky charms on our lists; from polka dotted clothing, round fruits on our tables down to the outfits that match the color of the year, which this time is Peach Fuzz. But there is another charm that we should start including on our new year fortune rundowns: the crystals!

Photo by Chud David Dulay

My interest with crystals only began later this year in a chance encounter with a charm store in Baguio City named Munting Ligaya -Filipino for a little joy. Aside from the fact that it is actually inside Kidlat Tahimik’s Ili-Likha Artsists’ Watering Hole, its name caught my eyes. I wondered what it offers because ‘Munting Ligaya’ sounded really magical for me.

The store wasn’t that big, so upon entering, crystals of different types, colors, sizes, and cuts welcome its visitors. As I checked each plates holding them, all the crystals hold a different meaning. And for some reason, I just felt connected with them, giving me the courage and hopefulness in facing the year to come.

Here are the crystals you might want to add to your sacred spaces at home in 2024:

Moss Agate

Photo from charmedcrystal.com

Symbolizing new beginnings and self-esteem, Moss Agate proves its essence to be part of your 2024 kick-off. This semi-precious stone features green hues, imbibing a connection with nature where beginnings are no strangers. Every start comes with uncertainty, so having this stone to user you would be be a great assurance. 2024 is not just a new year but a fresh beginning for yourself, the relationships around you, and life’s direction. Be brave to begin great with Moss Agate!


Photo from Energy Muse

Most of our new year charms brings luck and prosperity, and so do the crystals like Pyrite. With its yellowish metallic color, this stone looks like gold, which usually represents wealth and fortune in many culture. Inviting the spirit of abundance right into your home with this stone is great thing to begin your year. Feel golden and start 2023 right with Pyrite!


Photo from ASANA Crystal Shop

Surviving the past months, for most of us, meant exerting a great amount of effort and energy. On the other hand, doing so leaves us exhausted and drained. This is where the Rubies come in, because nobody wants to start their year way too dry. With its vibrant red colors that replenish your energy and creativity, they become the perfect stones to place on you scared spaces as you welcome 2024. Boost your creative juices within with Rubies!

See Also

Uruguayan Amethyst

Photo from Spirit Rock Shop

One of the things we look forward to every time the new year comes is protection from any harm and negativities that may surround. Be it as an ornament to your sacred space at home or a charm to bring with you anywhere, Uruguayan Amethyst got you! Nothing is certain when you’re outside but having this stone could make you feel safer wherever. Conquer the year with energy fist from Uruguayan Amethyst!

Smoky Quartz

Photo from The Psychic Tree

Manifestation is no longer a stranger to our vocabularies. We often begin and end our days with its guiding principles. And as we embark onto a new chapter in our lives in 2024, it’s time to take our manifestations on another level with a crystal! Smoky Quartz may seem “smoky” and blurry by its name, but the power it holds say otherwise. This stone symbolizes manifestation and grounding to help you along the way. Listen to the beats of your expectant hearts with Smoky Quartz!

These stones are just some of the many charms you can add in your crystal pouches or your sacred spaces at home. Nothing’s wrong to start your year with something to empower your spirits and boost your morale. Manifest, act, and look forward to another year with hearts and minds crystal clear!

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