5 BINI B-sides you should know before the BINIverse Concert

With every step they take and every record they break, there is definitely nothing they can’t do. It is the dawning of the age of BINI and you better feel good about it too.

Since their smash summer hit, ‘Pantropiko’ made enormous waves, BINI has been on a roll with one milestone after another. Dubbed as the nation’s girl group, they are now sitting at 3.4 million Spotify monthly listeners and the first female OPM artists to top the Spotify charts. 

From capturing our hearts with their iconic revival of ‘Da Coconut Nut’ to being the first recipients of the Billboard Philippines Women in Music Rising Stars award, all eyes are now on BINI to untie all the knots and make it.

Less than three years since their debut, BINI takes the concert stage with their first-ever 3-day solo concert, BINIverse. 

To help you prepare, Village Pipol listed 5 BINI B-sides that you should learn and give some love to while waiting for BINIverse this June.

Diyan Ka Lang

“Basta diyan ka lang, wala nang kailangan, gumagaan na ang lahat”

The last track of their latest EP ‘Talaarawan,’ Diyan ka lang, resonates with the peaceful feeling that falling in love gives. Backed by the classic bright and bubblegum BINI sound, this track makes you want to do a silly dance while reassuring your significant other that everything feels better and okay with them around.

Diyan ka Lang also perfectly introduces how much of a vocal powerhouse BINI is. The vocal bardagulan showcased from the bridge to the last chorus of the song might make it hard to sing along during the concert, but it surely made the song a perfect candidate for our playlists.


“Ayoko nang umasa sa lovelife na hard to find. Tumigil nang maghanap, di na muna magtsa-chat. But one magical day, dumating ka bigla…”

Kinikilig is a track from BINI’s first album ‘Born to Win’ back in 2021. Musically, it is a funky love song with a classic P-pop sound. This track will remind you of those OPM songs released in the early 2010s with a modern and improved sound.

It talks about finding love right when you just said you were entering your self-love era. A love you did not expect, but has an undeniable spark. It’s for the Blooms who have resentments over falling in love again. Don’t worry! There’s no shame in your game. Enjoy listening to this track in the meantime.

Be Hu U R feat. Kritiko

“Be who you are, shine like the stars. We’ll be here with you, let’s make the whole world happy”

B HU U R is another well-produced funky song in the ‘Born to Win’ album. Aside from the empowering lyrics, the production of this track makes you want to get up and dance like nobody’s watching.

The true star of this track is its powerful message about living your life without worrying about what other people might think. A message that BINI has been carrying since their debut in 2020.

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Na Na Nandito Lang

“Merong handang makinig, handang yumakap, handang saluhin ka muli at muli, lagi ka lang magtiwala, ‘wag mawalan ng pag-asaNandito lang ako”

Feeling a bit blue? Then this song is for you. Na Na Nandito reminds Blooms that they are not alone in this lifetime. In classic BINI fashion, the track has a subdued bubblegum pop sound with enchanting vocals from BINI.

As a song, the track talks about the people in our lives who are willing to listen and lend a shoulder to cry on. A reminder that no matter how many times we fail, our people will always be there to encourage and celebrate us. With so much negativity in this world, the message behind this track serves a purpose that hits close to home for a lot of people.


“Laging pinanghahawakan, lahat ng dinaanan at ang pangakong walo hanggang dulo”

Composed by BINI Colet herself, 8 holds a sentimental place in the hearts of BINI and Blooms alike. For newer blooms, you might be interested to learn about how the group started back when they were still Star Hunt Academy Trainees. Something about knowing why and when this track was written just induces a different ‘8’ listening experience moving forward. This song is a reminder of their humble beginnings and their never faltering fervor for success.

The more acoustic sound of this track gives it a stripped-back flair that gives you all the feels. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but 8 will always be BINI’s bonding promise to stay strong as 8 members until the end.

The nation’s girl group has come a long way from giving out flyers in the streets. However, there is no denying that this is just the start of many more opportunities and milestones to come. With captivating personalities and undeniable talent, nothing can hold BINI back from elevating the P-pop scene and dominating the world.

As we wait for their anticipated 3-day concert, which BINI song do you think needs to be given more love? Sound off and let your voice bloom!

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