Capturing the present moment in Baguio with OPPO

It’s been more than a decade since I last went to the city of Baguio. And, to be back meant reminiscing the past and capturing the moment in the present. All thanks to OPPO!

Being the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio offers a lot of experiences, ambient sceneries, and palatable foods and beverages. The city also holds rich historical and cultural heritage that anyone could only encounter in Baguio while enjoying the distance away from the tropical heat. Having first-hand experiences with these great deals from makes your Baguio trip a solid one.

On the other hand, living in those moments could not be making the most out of it, especially for those like me who keeps the memories alive in photo albums and social media feeds. In this quick getaway, OPPO brings in a leveled up trip with its photo capturing features and long battery life. And with those features from the brand, I got to enjoy and capture the present in Baguio.

Lunch at the classic Hill Station in Baguio

You can’t be feeling homesick when you’re in Baguio, especially when you indulge in to the mouthwatering meals of Hill Station. It is a restaurant by the Baguio street that definitely gives you a total local vibe.

On the other hand, despite being by-the-road, Hill Station still makes you feel at home with the vintage and warm ambience inside. It’s uphill and it’s a great deal!

Dinning at the enchanting 113 Wagner Cafe

Others believe that broken hearts goes up to Baguio, but the city actually offers fusion of mystique and enchantment over a romantic dinner at 113 Wagner Cafe.

This place turns your fantasy romance into reality with its cozy and enchanting atmosphere. From the tiny fairy lights inside the jars to verdant plants, 113 Wagner Cafe got you. Summer capital is indeed magical!

Cannot-be-skipped Baguio Night Market

A Baguio Trip could not be “that” trip without stopping by the city’s night market. Strolling in is area while getting embraced by the cold Baguio breeze is a total main character vibe. It offers different products from ukay-ukay fits to its iconic strawberry taho.

Just keep walking by the night market because the next few steps might lead you to your romantic Kuwentong Baguio.

Checking in to the warmth of The Forest Lodge

Gentle hug is not the only thing that makes you feel warm from the cold Baguio breeze. Sometimes, you just need the cozy and snuggly place to stay at like The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay.

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From excellent services to great night and morning balcony views, this lodge has a lot to offer. After a long day in the country’s summer capital, reconnect and rest with the serene nature around.

Learning from more-than-a-century-old Easter Weaving Center

We often see indigenous patterns in school events and pageants, but this trip with OPPO Philippines made me see the process before an Inabel cloth becomes one. The women from Easter Weaving Center carefully works step-by-step to produce cloths that reach various places across the globe.

Intricate details means vigorous process. And vigorous process means having talented and passionate weaving women of Baguio.

Into the Ili-likha Artists’ Wateringhole

Dropping by the Ili-likha Artists’ Wateringhole felt like going into the imagination of National Artist, Kidlat Tahimik who is behind this spot. This artistic place is also a brainchild of the De Guia Family in the city of Baguio.

Ili-likha is literally a translation of the artists’ creative imagination into a visible and tangible location. Everywhere is insta-worthy! And aside from the installation arts your eyes could enjoy, you can also delight yourselves with various food like vegan coffee and more!

No matter how many times I visit the city of Baguio, the experiences vary, which made it more important for me to take pictures as much as I can. And in this trip to Baguio, I definitely enjoyed the present; captured the moment; and kept the memories alive with OPPO!

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