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La Union Adventure: A Coastal Escape Like No Other

La Union Adventure: A Coastal Escape Like No Other

From breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches to rich historical sites and mouthwatering local dishes, La Union truly has something for everyone. 

Now, let us go on an adventure to uncover more of what La Union has in store!

Lomboy Farms (Uvas Cafe) 

Uvas Cafe in La Union with their menu signboard featuring their enticing dishes and drinks.

If you find yourself in La Union, make sure to swing by Uvas Cafe. It is located along McArthur Highway in Bauang, conveniently close to San Juan. This cozy cafe is the pride of Lomboy Farm, a well-known fruit farm in the area.

Make sure to try their unique grape pizza, made with a basil-flavored crust, cheese, and sliced grapes. And don’t miss their selection of wines, including red and white grape varieties, as well as tropical fruit wines, all made from their own vineyard’s harvest.

Uvas Cafe offers a range of enticing dishes and drinks infused with grapes. And what could be better than savoring locally made wines in a cafe that boasts its own vineyard?

A tourist enjoying grape picking at La Union.

So, get ready to treat yourself and have a grape day at Uvas Cafe!

Lakay Ago Nature’s Park .

La Union's Lakay Ago Nature Park view from outside.

On the hunt for a hidden dining spot? Look no further than Lakay Ago Nature’s Park. Tucked away in Brgy. San Agustin East, Agoo, La Union. This hidden gem offers not just stunning landscapes but also an unforgettable dining experience.

Witness the magic of Lakay Ago Nature’s Park, featuring its very own hobbit house reminiscent of those in New Zealand. Besides, treat yourself to mouthwatering food and event services amidst the tranquility of nature. It is a perfect fusion of a nature-themed park and a relaxing dining destination.

Get ready to splurge and elevate your dining experience at this mountain garden restaurant—a hidden gem with stunning views. The fresh air competes with the delicious cuisine for your attention. Don’t miss out—it’s a must-see and must-try!

Immuki Island 

A picture perfect name of Immuki Island in La Union with trees as backdrop.

For serene waves in La Union, head straight to Immuki Island!

Located in Barangay Paraoir, Balaoan, La Union, Immuki Island boasts crystal-clear waters, providing a fantastic and delightful spot to unwind. Embark on thrilling adventures by riding a bamboo raft or diving into the waters to witness the majestic marine life below.

Immuki Island in La Union with its crystal clear water.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Immuki Island’s three enchanting lagoons, perfect for snorkeling adventures. Beginners can explore these small lagoons and marvel at the colorful fish and coral reefs. For anyone visiting La Union, Immuki Island is an absolute must-see destination.

Baluarte Watch Tower 

A view of La Union's Baluarte Watch Tower outside.

Make sure to include the Baluarte Watch Tower in your La Union itinerary—it’s a must-visit historical gem!

Baluarte, a 400-year-old watchtower, stands proudly along Luna’s pebbled-covered seashore, overlooking the vast expanse of the West Philippine Sea. This 5.6-meter-high structure, built with reddish bricks, is situated in Barangay Victoria, Municipality of Luna.

The tower holds significant historical value, as it was originally constructed by the Spaniards as a lookout point to guard against potential attacks by other conquerors in the coastal towns of La Union.

Tourists enjoying the majestic beauty of the interior design of Buluarte Watch Tower in La Union.

This historical site has become an Instagram-worthy destination due to its sweeping views of Luna’s pebbled beach landscape. The tower’s portal is open to tourists, revealing its hollow, unroofed interior with a pebble-covered floor—providing visitors with the perfect platform for capturing Instagram-worthy selfies!

Mebuyan Vessel 

A magical view of Mebuyan Vessel at night. Located at San Juan, La Union.

If you’re yearning for artistic expression that captures the essence of La Union’s beauty, look no further than Mebuyan Vessel!

The Mebuyan Vessel, resembling a spaceship, is crafted from metal framing, bamboo, and recycled plastic. It stands proudly on the beach of San Juan, La Union, Philippines. This installation serves as both a sculpture and a docufiction piece, offering a unique blend of art and storytelling.

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Mebuyan’s Vessel, a creation of Filipino artist Leeroy New, pays homage to Bagobo mythology. It celebrates Mebuyan, the goddess of death and fertility in Filipino culture. This awe-inspiring installation bridges art and tradition, showcasing creativity and cultural heritage.

Mebuyan Vessel stands as a powerful celebration of Filipino beauty and creativity. Furthermore, for art that captures the essence of La Union’s water landscapes, this installation is a must-visit destination!

La Union (San Juan Surfing) 

Tourists enjoying the majestic view of San Juan, La Union beach.

La Union Surf is all about San Juan, a prime surfing spot on Luzon Island. From beginners to pros, everyone can catch waves here. And with just under a four-hour drive from Manila, it’s a breeze to reach from the capital.

A tourist enjoying the majestic view of San Juan beach.

San Juan beaches offer vibrant and social spots perfect for surfing! It is a haven for surfers of all levels, combining comfort, convenience, and surf-centric fun. For an unforgettable La Union experience, San Juan is the ultimate choice.

Boy Surf Camp and their signboard for surfing board rental rates.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer hunting for epic waves, a beginner testing the waters, or just looking for a laid-back beach getaway, San Juan has something for you! Don’t wait any longer—come and experience it for yourself!

Tangadan Falls

Tangadan falls of San Gabriel, La Union.

In the mountainous area of San Gabriel, La Union, you will find the breathtaking Tangadan Falls. A hidden treasure in the province’s western region.

Tangadan Falls sits in Barangay Amontoc of San Gabriel. As you arrive, you are greeted by a stunning 40-foot cascade of water. Below the falls lies a large, deep pool, drawing tourists to take a refreshing dip in its spring-fed waters—a truly unforgettable adventure.

In addition to its natural beauty offering the healing power of Mother Nature, Tangadan Falls stands out for its incredibly affordable entrance fee. Managed by the San Gabriel LGU, visitors are asked to pay a fee that varies depending on the season.

Tangadan Falls is far from ordinary. It is a sight that captivates hearts with just one glance at its shimmering waters under the smiling sun. So, what’s stopping you?

Certainly, La Union is a gem, brimming with fascinating history, bustling city life, and irresistible tourist spots that enchant travelers from all corners of the globe. So, what’s holding you back? Let us kick off this adventure!

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