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Kultura: A Hub for Filipino Creativity and Artistry

Kultura: A Hub for Filipino Creativity and Artistry

Filipino craftsmanship undoubtedly stands out within the local community, compelling diverse markets to embrace the dedication and passion of local artisans as they present exceptional and sustainable creations.

Kultura again offered its Filipino Design Studio at SM Aura Premier on March 16 to April 2 this year. Displaying items with a tropical theme which creates visions of blissful Philippine getaways

Celebrating local creativity and artistry—the line that resonates with Filipino Design Studio. Carrying each local artist’s narrative to bring not only their visually appealing creations but also to bring arts, culture, and fashion all in one dreamy space.

Empowering Community Artisans

Photo from Manila Bulletin

Kultura’s Filipino Design Studio creates an unparalleled vision towards Filipino craftsmanship. They give spotlight to distinct Filipino talents and promote the preservation of Philippine heritage, culture, and fashion all in one space. 

Along with Kultura’s own products, they serve as a platform for a varied array of local artists and enterprises. Giving them a platform to unveil the majority of their newest collection to the community and exhibit how homegrown creativity combines longevity and beauty. 

As this pop-up event also elevates the visibility of female artisans, a large proportion of contributors were female. The majority are mothers, while a small percentage are young ladies who design bold fashion items while pushing hard to expose a broader audience to local artistry.

Sustainable Crafted Finds

In addition to supporting local talent, Kultura also has a space for sustainability.

Photo from Dwellbeing

Dwellbeing, a local guest brand, is a women-led company crafting natural goods for personal and home needs.With environmental kindness as an advocacy, Dwellbeing finds beauty in discarded pieces, repurposing them for packaging.

Photo from Sombrero De Manila

Another is Sombrero De Manila, one of Kultura’s local guest brands that sells hats, bags, and other items that are painstakingly handmade and eco-friendly as they use natural materials like buri, raffia, abaca, pandan, and others, on both their products and their packaging.

Art, Culture, and Fashion

Uniting arts, culture, and fashion all at once, diverse local guest brands have offered tables to present their masterpiece. Amplifying the stories behind each of their crafts and allowing their handicrafts to be received with a deeper understanding of local arts and culture.

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Photo from Bagoyan

Bagoyan is one of the homegrown guest brands of Kultura that produces handwoven apparel, headbands, masks, blankets, and shawls. All of which are influenced by the culture and tradition of the Kalinga community.

Photo from Pinas Sadya

Another one is the Pinas Sadya. They push to be inclusive as they represent different products from different regions. Pinas-Sadya offers unique clothing with traditional weaves like Binakol and Inabel, sparking discussions on Filipino ancestry.

Truly, Kultura thrives as a vibrant hub where creativity and fashion flourish. Where diverse homegrown talents unite to weave a strong vision for arts, culture, and fashion. Through an array of sustainable and visually captivating products, the Filipino Design Studio enriches the contemporary Filipino experience, infusing it with authenticity.

Kultura is all about being Filipino.

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