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5 Ways to Improve Your NBA Predictions

5 Ways to Improve Your NBA Predictions

Basketball is one of the planet’s most popular sports, played by millions worldwide, from youth to professional ranks. The game boasts many respected pro tournaments and leagues, including the Euro League, but the top tier is undeniable. The National Basketball League stands head and shoulders above the competition, taking its place as basketball royalty. Which team is your favorite, and which do you expect to win the title?

It’s a great time to ask those questions as we approach the renewal of another hotly-anticipated NBA season. The 2023/24 campaign is almost upon us, and with the top sportsbook apps trading across America, including Alabama, where basketball is particularly popular, you can make predictions. Which team will win the NBA Finals, who will claim the Most Valuable Player prize, and which sides will stand out during the regular season?

Making predictions on the outright winners of the NBA’s top awards is fun, but how do you ensure a winner? Which method is used by professional gamblers to keep them one step ahead of the traders? Please keep reading to find out we have invited an online gambling expert to reveal all.

Know the score

We’ll start with this article’s most important aspect: confirming there’s no sure-fire way to beat the bookies. No method will guarantee you correctly predict the result of an NBA fixture each time. You may bank more winners than losers, but that comes from hard work, and if you think or believe there’s a secret formula, it’s time we bring you into the light. And we can prove it. 

If there were a secret way to beat the bookies and correctly predict sports results, you’re unlikely to learn about it on the pages of a popular website. If hitting the bookies was common knowledge, the industry would fold overnight, and there would be no gambling opportunities in the future. Professional sports without betting aren’t worth thinking about. The NBA, Premier League, NFL, and other major sports would lose significant funding and sponsorship from the online gambling industry, taking vital funds from sports.

There’s no hard and fast way to make winning betting tips, but we can still find a few tricks and tips to help you succeed more when making NBA predictions. You can use the advice on this page to predict the winner of the NBA Finals or any game from the season ahead. Keep reading as we share five reliable and free ways to improve your NBA strike rate. 

The methods shared work on basketball as it’s unpredictable and fast-paced but apply to almost all sports, fixtures, and markets.


Research is crucial; the more you do, the luckier your predictions become. You want to know more about the teams and players involved. Are there any injuries, and how has the home team performed in their last five games? Do the visitors present a danger when on the road? 

All the most crucial information is available to view online and for free. Start digging, and you’ll uncover some gems. Several NBA sites and apps present details of every team’s recent form, their trades, injury news ahead of the next game, and the mood in the camp. The harder you work, the more correct predictions you’ll make. It’s not any more complicated than that.

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Use promotions

The best online sportsbooks offer eye-catching promotions and specials. The best deals are for new customers who create accounts, deposit funds, and wager. The best apps give new players free bet tokens equal to their first deposit and stake. That puts you in control of how much you spend and the size of the free bet awarded.

The best deals are for new players, but the top sportsbooks have promotion pages packed with deals for existing members. The most popular promos include free bets, enhanced odds, cashback, profit boosts, extra places each way, and more. Check out your gambling app’s promos page for an updated list of what’s available before the next NBA round.

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Stats and trends

We are big fans of using the stats and trends to predict the result of NBA games. There are a few approaches, including date, age, home advantage, and recent results, but we find the head-to-head stats useful. Looking at past meetings often gives a strong indication of how the renewal might play out.

The stats and trends don’t always lead you to a game-winner but can be helpful. Study the last five games involving the teams and check for patterns. You may find a trend in the winner, but you’ll likely stumble across a pattern in the total points, scorers, half-time results, and more. There’s always something to find when browsing the trends.

Follow the pros

What do the experts think about an upcoming game? You can base your predictions on the work of a professional tipster or scan the betting odds for an upcoming game. Traders working at the top sportsbooks sometimes get it wrong, but they’re right more often than wrong. 

Check the betting odds on the NBA Finals winner for an early peek at the strongest teams, and then follow the market or oppose the traders. If the best gambling apps pick a team, you can be sure it’s for a good reason. Even if you’re not betting on a game, it’s worth knowing what the bookies are backing.

Get the best odds

For those who study the trends and do fancy placing bets, you want to wager at the best possible odds. The top apps offer odds and betting on the same games, but there’s often a gap in the odds as one firm fancies a team to win more than another. You want to bet at the biggest price every time.

You’re ready to make predictions when you have researched, studied the form, know the stats, and understand the head-to-head patterns. Visit a respected betting odds comparison app for an updated list of the odds every bookie offers. The most generous quote is in bold, and that’s the one you want.

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