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Food and Romance: 3 Japanese BL series that feature food

Food and Romance: 3 Japanese BL series that feature food

They claimed that one of the elements that solidify a relationship is food. Food serves as more than just a source of energy for us. It also frequently serves as a means of expression and a means of social connection. Thus, eating and romance are compatible. For this reason, binge-watch this Japanese BL series for your casual viewing while you munch on your favorite snack.

Check out these 3 Japanese BL series that feature food and romance

What Did You Eat Yesterday?

What did you eat yesterday? is a Japanese BL comedy about everyday life. The story shows the lovely and frequently humorous daily activities of a typical gay couple. In their 40s, the two major characters live together as boyfriends. They usually find time to eat home-cooked meals because they enjoy cooking. However, they keep their relationship a secret, and only their close friends and family are aware of it.

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What Did You Eat Yesterday? is one of the best slice-of-life BL dramas out there, despite its straightforward premise. The story is full of charm, humor, and sentimental lessons that will make you value your loved ones. Every episode is delightful, lovable, and profoundly moving.

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Moreover, every episode is jam-packed with intriguing plots, relatable situations, and delectable food. You will definitely be drooling over Shiro’s dishes on every episode. The two lovable main characters, who have endearing personalities and a warm relationship, will win you over right away. The humor is authentically funny and strikes the ideal mix between comedy and heartfelt drama. Along the way, you’ll even pick up some delectable recipes as you laugh and empathize with these two as they go through difficult times.

Old Fashion Cupcake

A beautiful office romance is the premise of the Japanese BL series Old Fashion Cupcake. A single corporate employee in his late 30s who lacks ambition and doesn’t seem to enjoy life outside of work is the main character. The protagonist makes friends with a young coworker who encourages him to step outside of his comfort zone and do new things. They begin by going to various dessert shops, where they stood out as the only male customers in places that are crowded with women.

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Old Fashion Cupcake is a charming BL drama brimming with chic elegance. It didn’t take me long to become captivated by this intimate and enlightening series. The main character’s pessimistic thoughts about aging are revived by a younger love interest. They set out on a journey of self-discovery filled with amusing encounters, touching memories, and delectable sweets. They are acting like a couple while eating dessert, which is cute yet envious.

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The complex issues that this drama explores include gender, aging, and cultural standards. I adore how the dessert shop and the sweets themselves contribute to the growth of the couple’s feelings for one another. The sweets are witnesses to significant events in their relationship.

The 8.2 Seconds Rule

A high school kid and his never-ending search for love are the subjects of the Japanese BL series The 8.2 Second Rule. The teenage lead character is a hopeless romantic who yearns to love. He adheres to the belief that claims if two people make eye contact for 8.2 seconds, they will fall in love. The main character meets with various students in each episode to see if the belief is accurate.

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The main character, Amai, makes desserts for the boys he likes to make them feel better. He enjoys baking and can make a variety of delectable desserts, such as parfaits and coffee jelly. Each snack he brings to the struggling students has a philosophical message related to their current circumstances.

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In addition, I appreciate the context and significance provided for each dessert in this series. I enjoy The 8.2 Second Rule’s sentimentality. It’s clever how the storyline weaves a distinct life philosophy into the history of the desert. When Amai describes how each dish is related to the episode’s story and how it was developed, I’m always impressed. You will not only see Amai’s search for love, but you will also discover a lot about desserts!

You will learn the significance of food in establishing and strengthening relationships through these BL series. Maybe there is something you can take away from these dramas to help you find the love of your life or convince your partner to stay by your side forever. Therefore, you might wish to include these Japanese BL series the next time you want to feel good and be inspired to discover stuff about food. It will undoubtedly cause your heart to flutter and your stomach to grumble.

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