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K-Dramas that will make you have the second lead syndrome

K-Dramas that will make you have the second lead syndrome

Do you watch K-Drama? If yes, for sure you know what second lead syndrome is. In case you do not know, the second lead syndrome is commonly used by K-Drama fans. This happens if the audience likes the second lead more than the lead. For example, you have this syndrome if you start to ship the female lead with the second male lead.

This usually happens if you are watching a romance drama with a love triangle plot. Well, sometimes some dramas do not have a love triangle plot but somehow the second lead still catches the audience’s sympathy.

You might better understand what second lead syndrome is if you watch these K-Dramas:

1. Start-Up (2020)

Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyeong is the second lead in the 2020 drama Start-Up. The main leads for this drama are Bae Suzy as Seo Dal Mi and Nam Joo Hyuk as Nam Do San.

For sure if you already watched this drama, you also wished for Han Ji Pyeong to end up with Seo Dal Mi. Who would not love an intelligent investment expert that was too good to be true? Well, it would be Seo Dal Mi because she chose Do San over Ji Pyeong.

2. True Beauty (2020)

Another male second lead that will make you have the second lead syndrome is Hwang In Yeop as Han Seo Jun. His character is the tough-looking yet soft-hearted deep inside who happens to fall in love with the female lead. The female lead is Moon Ga Young as Lim Ju Kyung whose love interest is Seo Jun’s former best friend, Lee Su Ho played by Cha Eun Woo.

The viewers who have the syndrome while watching this drama, find Seo Jun charming as he does everything for Ju Kyung.

3. Nevertheless (2021)

In this drama, everyone can agree that the male lead Park Jae On played by Song Kang is a walking red flag. And, Chae Jong Hyeop as Yang Do Hyeok, the second male lead, deserves to be with the female lead Yoo Na Bi played by Han So Hee.

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Jong Hyeop is Na Bi’s childhood friend and they are their first love of each other. While his feelings for Na Bi stay the same, Na Bi seems to have fallen in love with the playboy Jae On.

4. Reply 1988 (2015)

Reply 1988 is not a romance drama, yet people who have watched this experienced having the second lead syndrome. Kim Jung Hwan played by Ryu Jun Yeol has a crush on Lee Hye Ri’s character Sung Deok Sun. However, he never confessed his feelings for her.

Also, when one of his best friends, Choi Taek played by Park Bo Gum admits his feelings for Deok Sun, Jung Hwan takes a step back. Well, good news for team Jung Hwan because Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Hye Ri are dating in real life!

Well, there are more K-Dramas that will make you fall in love with second leads and suffer from the second lead syndrome. So, you must always be prepared for the possibility of rooting for the second lead more than the lead. Try not to catch this syndrome!

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