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Let’s Teal Bejewel The World

Let’s Teal Bejewel The World

WRITE.PRAY.LOVE: The Story Behind Our Rings

Creating Your Story: A Ring-Making Journey

Jewelry showcases artistry, with artisans meticulously creating wearable art. A ring, with its personal touch, reflects individual uniqueness. Participating in a ring-making workshop encapsulates this essence, turning the craft into a voyage of commitment, love, and storytelling.

Jewelry Unveiled: The Craft of Artistry

The concept of creating artisan jewelry has intrigued me, but traveling to Meycauayan, Bulacan, feels burdensome (no offense meant). Fortunately, I discovered Metals at Metals and Gems Studio, PH, a jewelry studio that conducts workshops, and it’s just by White Plains Katipunan Ave., QC. This studio demystifies jewelry-making, unveiling intricacies and showcasing craftsmanship and creativity.

Entering Metals and Gems Studio, PH: A Workshop of Creativity

The workshop space was warm and filled with workstations, and my friend Karen and I were embraced into a world where creativity and craftsmanship intertwined. Excitement surged as we prepared to turn raw materials into a tangible representation of our unique story. Karen wanted to make her engagement ring, which she promised her fiancé she would do, while I wanted to create a self-love ring. Being an advocate of women’s empowerment, I want to celebrate my small wins, my dreams, and my being a woman. I want it to be a reminder that every now and then it’s ok to pause and take care of me.

The Dance of Metals: Crafting Something from Nothing

The initial step involved exploring metals such as 7.5 copper and 92.5 silver. Feeling the metal’s weight in my hand reassured me, marking the start of a one-of-a-kind piece. As metals melted into a molten state, we navigated the alchemical dance under the guidance of skilled craftspeople like Mr. Chad Manlapaz, Franco, and Paolo.

Making the Customized Piece: From Block to Beauty

The next step involved the silver block, symbolizing untapped potential. Placing the block in acid to stop oxidation, it emerged gleaming—a testament to meticulous care. Subsequently, the block underwent the wire-pressing machine’s touch, shaping it into slender strips destined to become the ring’s foundation.

A Personalized Journey: More Than Dimensions

In our creative process, we embarked on a journey of measurement. What seemed like an accessory transformed into a way for people to share stories. Deliberate sizing considerations embodied a commitment to comfort, pledging the ring to carry the workshop’s spirit wherever it journeyed. In all honesty, every step was done with the utmost care; otherwise, you will destroy the shape.

Love, Dedication, and the Final Flourish

Karen and I discovered that making rings was more than just an artistic activity. The workshop made us realize that the pieces we both made were both explorations of love and commitment. Though our rings looked similar, we each had a unique story attached to our own piece.

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In the workshop, Karen and I discovered that making a ring wasn’t just an artistic endeavor; it was an exploration of love and commitment. Whether it was a straightforward band or an intricate design, each finishing touch unveiled the depth of emotion poured into every stage of the process. Dude, it took us 5 hours to complete a simple ring.

The End: A Ring Beyond Metal

My takeaway is that attending a ring-making workshop was so worth my time. And definitely, it isn’t just about crafting jewelry; it’s about creating a story in another creative way. It bears the marks of a journey, the sounds of love, and the whispers of dedication. Every scratch, flaw, and curve tells a tale—a story encapsulated in a piece you can touch and wear. My ring, as simple as it may look, will always be valued, as this now holds that one day God paved the way and made another dream come true.

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