Printed photos: Are they still worth it?

Printing photos in an era filled with digital cameras and social media uploads may sound old style. some people may ask, “Why do you need to print those out when you can upload it to social media?”

Here are some reasons why you should still keep your photos printed!

Printed photos will last forever

Having a printed photo of your memories still hits differently than the digital ones. If you want to reminisce about the exciting feeling during the day the photo was taken, all you need to do is to flip some pages from your photo album. No device, electricity, or internet connection needed!

Online files can fade or disappear over time

Since the internet is fast paced and develops quickly, who knows we might have a much improved system in just a span of a few years? JPEG files or PNG might not exist in a few years, and there are also instances that the files will be corrupted. Instagram and Facebook may not exist after a few years, too! Do not trust online sources too much and keep a valuable copy that you can keep for a long time. Instead, you can have your memories printed in the highest quality that is available right now!

Photos can be deleted in your phone and will be gone forever!

There are instances that you might accidentally delete the photo and you cannot bring it back! Avoid these situations by keeping your photos in a safe space where you cannot delete or throw them away!

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A great home decoration that can lift up your mood

Seeing a picture frame displayed in your table and remembering the memory behind it can lift up your mood instantly! Whether it is in frame, or stored in a photo album, printed photos can be placed anywhere. It gives your home a personal touch, too!  

If you are still hesitating to print your photos, then this is your sign to do it now! Preserve those memories and continue to reminisce them for a long period of time!

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