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What is Rizz and Why Has It Become Popular on TikTok

What is Rizz and Why Has It Become Popular on TikTok

What exactly is Rizz?

If you are using TikTok on a daily basis, it’s inevitable that you’ll see a ‘Rizz’ post once in a while. Especially when you liked a rizz content, it will storm your feed with these until the life is sucked out of you.

Just kidding.

The Art of Rizz – Burdie

Rizz is not a word that you will find in a normal dictionary. According to the urban dictionary, rizz is being able to seduce people into getting with you. This basically means attracting them  by being cool and doing some weird stuff.

Whether you straight up look at them with your eyes all funny(ish) attractive looking, flexing your offbeat fashion choice on the camera, or just using some god tier lines to attract someone. Everything you do, as long as you wow them with your immaculate self, that’s rizz my guy.

Origin of Rizz

The origin of rizz is still somewhat unclear. Some people believe that it may have originated from the slang term “risqué,” which means something that is a bit daring or naughty. What people do is overdo it sometimes with a self-deprecating forbidden technique.

The most popular theory is that it came from Ben Stiller’s character in Zoolander. Some people even call him the “Rizz God”.

In this film, Stiller plays the character Derek Zoolander. He’s a model who often uses the term “ridiculously good-looking” to describe himself and his peers who died in an outrageously beautiful model like manner. Fans believe that the word “rizz” was coined on the mentioned phrase and that Derek Zoolander is the inspiration behind all this.

PH Rizz contest – Razzie Binx

Rizz on TikTok

No matter where it came from, rizz has become a phenomenon in TikTok. People are hitting on everyone left and right, recording TikTok videos while on-the-rizz. This has been a craze that is yet and again will be remembered by many people.

Who wouldn’t want rizz, anyway?

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Many people of course.” – some random person I asked.

On my take?

Rizz content has become popular in TikTok, because lots of single TikTok consumers are amazed by the fact that it is actually e-a-s-y to vibe with someone whether that person is a stranger or not.

All you have to do is try, talk to them, strike a pose, put your rizz on.

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