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Staycation in Hidden Paradise: Experience a slice of Europe and Asia in Luljetta’s Place Garden Suites

Staycation in Hidden Paradise: Experience a slice of Europe and Asia in Luljetta’s Place Garden Suites

Escape the stress and fatigue of city life and discover a serene sanctuary in Antipolo: Luljuetta’s Place Garden Suites. Situated at Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo, this tranquil haven offers a grand staycation respite from the bustling streets and illuminating city lights.

It embraces a thorough grasp of wellness, providing guests with a place that nurtures both mind and body. Offering an exceptional retreat from the prosaic, the accommodations provide guests with a sublime experience akin to heavenly bliss!

Upon our arrival, friendly staff, who emanate an innate connection with nature, will greet you warmly all the time. Later, as you enter this remote paradise, the symphony of flowing water, rustling leaves, and melodious insects will transport you to a world brimming with natural harmony.

The well-appointed rooms, adorned in pristine white and infused with a refreshing aroma, offer an oasis of comfort. Equipped with air conditioning, plush beds, pristine linens, plasma television, a tiny refrigerator, an electric kettle, and complimentary coffee and tea, these rooms ensure a blissful stay.

The en-suite bathrooms provide an elevated bathing experience with a hot and cold shower, bidet, fresh towels, quality toiletries, and hair care products, catering to those who seek utmost relaxation even during their private moments. But the indulgence doesn’t end there. Thus, a perfect start for a much-awaited staycation with your loved ones. Fortunately, they toured us to explore the myriad of amenities offered by the suites.

Staycation in hidden paradise: Experience a slice of Europe and Asia in Luljetta’s Place Garden Suites

Body Massage – Wellness Center

Merely visiting this sanctuary is not enough, as their specialized massage center is a testament to their advocacy for human wellness. Manned by skilled practitioners committed to excellence, their massages are tailored to alleviate stress and tension. Stepping into the massage room, with its serene ambiance, soft lighting, and soothing melodies, transports you to a realm far removed from the worries of everyday life.

Dr. Fish

We also had the opportunity to experience the intimate and tranquil fish spa. Immerse your feet in one of their designated areas filled with small fish that gently exfoliate your skin, leaving behind a renewed exterior and refreshed feeling. Then, you can sit idly while listening to the natural sounds that bring a forest kind of vibe to you. This calming experience is perfect after a day of exploring the resort.

The Taverna

Why travel abroad when you can relish the exquisite Greek-themed cuisine and get lost in the enchanting ambiance of the Taverna? It truly embodies the spirit of Greece with its stunning white and blue decor and breathtaking view of Metro Manila’s sunset. Dedicated to providing authentic Greek flavors, their culinary offerings are crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, with some even imported directly from Greece. Complete with a sight of their private pool adorned with Greek-themed statues and a magnificent Mykonos suite beside it, this restaurant creates an idyllic European setting.

On the other hand, experience the charm of The View, a small bar nestled on the ground floor of Mykonos. Take advantage of their ‘Ready, Sunset, Go’ promo. It offers a 500 peso voucher, access to Dr. Fish, a 4-hour Hidden Pool pass, and locker and shower room facilities. Don’t miss out on this hot deal and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at The View.

Hanging Gardens Retreat

What’s a staycation without being soaked wet, right? As you venture to the water amenities, you’ll be provided with a traditional Batik and a towel. Resting villas and comfortable huts are scattered throughout the property. However, the Bali-inspired lounge perched above the infinity pool stands out as an oasis of tranquility. With wooden seating, oriental paintings, quaint sculptures, and soothing music, this overlook lounge is the perfect haven for relaxation after a refreshing swim.

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Then, you can soak in their infinity pool, located beneath the lounge. Stretching towards the horizon, this cool oasis offers a sense of intimacy, tucked away from other pools. Its picturesque location bathes in the warm glow of the setting sun, creating an Instagrammable paradise. After soaking, you can try their SuMaKa special, which is suman with bits of mango sprinkled with kasoy.

Great Bali Swing

One of the standout attractions at Luljuetta’s Place is the magnificent Bali Swing. Inspired by its famous Balinese counterpart, this swing poses a thrilling dare for all ages. Here, they blast you up to the heavens while sitting on a giant harnessed swing. After screaming your lungs out, you can witness the breathtaking lush landscape, allowing the gentle breeze to whisk away your worries and induce relaxation.

The attentive staff effortlessly set the mood with their warm and cheerful demeanor. Then, they really went beyond and carefully checked every piece of equipment before letting anyone try it. The swing may initially daunt those with a fear of heights. However, the lush panoramic view will undoubtedly soothe any anxieties. Don’t worry, you have a choice to either do a minimum swing or a maximum swing. But we suggest you choose to challenge yourself!

Room promos

Bask in their enticing room promos made especially for you by Luljetta’s Place. Delight in a 30% discount for overnight stays, valid from Monday to Thursday. Extend your blissful retreat by booking two nights and enjoying a remarkable 75% discount on the third night. Additionally, their ‘Daydreamers Welcome’ promo offers access to locker and shower facilities, a Dr. Fish experience, a 4-hour pass to the Hidden Pool, and a delectable 500 peso Taverna food voucher. Take advantage of these enticing offers and elevate your stay at Luljetta’s Place.

For more information, you can contact Luljetta’s Place on their website or contact them on What are you waiting for? Make a reservation now for your much-awaited staycation!

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