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LOOK: ‘Stars of the Night’ Winners of Sparkle Spell 2023

LOOK: ‘Stars of the Night’ Winners of Sparkle Spell 2023

Barbie Forteza, Sassa Gurl, Herlene Budol, and Joaquin Domagoso for the 'Stars of the Night' in Sparkle Spell 2023

Awoo! It’s that bewitchingly time of the year when wearing your wildest costume is encouraged. The Halloween season has arrived, which is why some of our favorite renowned personalities have graced the Sparkle Spell 2023!

LOOK: ‘Stars of the Night’ Winners this year’s Sparkle Spell event

TV personalities, including Barbie Forteza, Herlene Budol, Joaquin Domagoso, Martin Del Rosario, Liezel Lopez, and content creator, Sassa Gurl, radiated as the ‘Stars of the Night‘ at this electrifying and spine-tingling event!


Sassa Gurl, captivating the night in a striking funeral flower ensemble at SparkleSpell2023. 🌺✨ @Sparkle GMA Artist Center @Sassa Gurl streamMariaHiwaga

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During the event, Barbie embraced her inner Daenerys Targaryen in the iconic blue dress, while Sassa donned a somber, funeral-inspired outfit.

Herlene wore a charming bunny outfit, and Joaquin transformed into a gender-bent Maleficent. Meanwhile, Martin cosplayed Harry Potter, and finally, Liezel embodied Poison Ivy.

Furthermore, within the same category, Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, and Raphael Landicho, brought the characters of Alice in Wonderland to life.

Moreover, Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay won this event’s ‘TikTok Crowd Favorite’

They gave the fabulous pink Barbie theme a spooky twist. Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay morphed into a zombified version of Barbie and Ken. Their creative twist has given them the ‘TikTok Crowd Favorite‘ award during the event!

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As mentioned, GMA actors, Miguel and Ysabel received the ‘Scariest Outfit‘ award at the event, stunning as they cosplayed the Mad Hatter and Alice.

They were part of a group, as previously mentioned, along with Matt and Raphael, who secured the ‘Stars of the Night’ award.

Speaking of tandem stars, the official couple, Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz also won as the ‘Most Fabulous Couple of the Night’

They portrayed themselves as the classic duo from Scooby Doo. With Rayver as Fred Jones, and Julie as Daphne Blake.

Undoubtedly, the imaginative prowess of these stars has led to a delightful victory. Moreover, many others also secured awards in different categories:

  • Jillian Ward, who dressed up as a dark angel, has secured a spot for the ‘Urban Smile Spooktacular Award.’
    • She also won this event’s ‘I AMazing Look of the Night‘ together with Miguel, with the Mad Hatter costume.
  • The ‘Juju Glow Enchantingly Award‘ was given to Sanya Lopez who embodied the Greek gorgon, Medusa.
  • The 2021 VP/Cover, Kyline Alcantara also secured the event’s ‘Oishi O Wow Outfit‘ for dressing up as the Night King from the Game of Thrones.
  • Finally, this year’s ‘Black Carpet Stunner Award‘ was given to Derrick Monasterio. He made a grand entrance as the Greek warrior, Achilles from Troy.
Numerous costumes at this year’s event showcased wit, humor, creativity, and a touch of fabulous spooktacularity, deserving recognition for their skillful portrayal of their chosen characters. Congratulations to all the victors of Sparkle Spell 2023!
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