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Ben&Ben’s Sabel: Taking a Stand for Feminism


Ben&Ben’s Sabel: Taking a Stand for Feminism

Tired of hearing songs that devalue women? Ben&Ben’s Sabel speaks volumes in uplifting feminism, calling out the daunting bigotry that lies within our society.

The new song of Ben&Ben on their new album “Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kwaderno” shows that music can carry out advocacies. In the midst of songs that aims to express love or objectify women, Sabel mirrors a woman that stands against the constraints of patriarchy.

Struggles of Modern Filipina Mirrored by Sabel

Aside from an enticing melody, lyricism is vital in terms of composition. The story of Sabel entails an oppressed woman, driven away from her rights. However, she eventually held her ground, acknowledging her value.

Discrimination against women prevails up until this present era. Obviously, the astonishment of Pinoys at sexist songs reflects their perception of the opposite sex. Due to this underlying factor, aside from Sabel, Ben&Ben desire to further express their advocacies through the songs that they will make.

Sabel as an Avenue to Advocacy Campaign

Advocating for feminism knows no gender. The state of gender diversity within Ben&Ben did not hinder them in establishing solidarity as a band. In fact, their success in the music industry proves that truth and equality can thrive regardless of who resembles it.

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During the campaign rally of presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo, the band performed Sabel, witnessing a united front that empowers women. Undoubtedly, the use of songs as an instrument to persuade their followers to become advocates is an effective strategy.

Sabel represents all women. Sexism will continue to prevail as long as the majority of Filipinos remain ignorant towards the importance of equality. However, if progressive groups such as Ben&Ben continue to boldly advocate for feminism, harmony can possibly be seen in the near future.

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