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The Beauty of Dried Flowers

The Beauty of Dried Flowers

Decoration in our house brings a lot of benefits to the people that live in it. It brings color, life, and most importantly, it makes a room aesthetically pleasing. One of the best decorations we can have is flowers. They look good, are cheap to maintain, and are beneficial to humans and the environment. But on the flip side, it requires attention as well. It needs sunlight and water to thrive. But not everyone has the time to do that especially if they have family, work, or business to attend to. 

Why dried flowers are the best option?

They do not require maintenance compared to living flowers but offers the same aesthetic beauty that a regular plant offers.  One perfect example of exhibiting the beauty of Dried Flowers is Herbarium. A scientific way of preserving the remains of a flower to be studied. Back when I was in high school, Herbarium was one of the projects that we did for Scientific Week held on our campus.

The process of creating a Herbarium is quite simple but requires time. You need to find a plant that you prefer, press it using dry blotters that will absorb the moisture in the stem and the leaves, lay it flat on paper, and frame it. Voila! You now have a unique piece of work that is useful in many ways. 

There’s also a method of bleaching and dyeing the flowers and that usually lasts for a year! They are low maintenance. It doesn’t require constant watering or constant attention, resulting in almost no effort being exerted to maintain its beauty. 

As we aim for sustainability and constant effort to preserve and prolong our environment, dried flowers will add a factor to that. There are other ways to use the remains of Dried Flowers as well. Depending on the type of flower, it can be edible and can be used for spice or aroma. If you’re into candle making, small bits of dried flowers can also add a scent and essence to the candle. 

Personally, I’m a big fan of things that last. Having dried flowers or Herbarium at home is more economical. It’s also more beneficial for people that spend the majority of their time outside the house working. Next time, if you’re planning to get some flowers for your loved ones, you might want to consider Dried Flowers or creating a herbarium to display.

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