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7 local ceramics shops you should check out

7 local ceramics shops you should check out

Pottery is making a comeback in 2023! With the recent design trends in ceramics which is bright, lively colors, three-dimensional shapes, and so much more, many people are getting interested in trying out pottery workshops. Some found pottery to be both a challenging and calming activity. But there are also some who don’t want to get their hands dirty but still appreciate the craft of pottery and creating ceramics. Whether you are collecting ceramic pieces or just planning to get your first ceramic piece, or even just looking for a unique gift for your friends, and family, you’re in the right place because we listed the 7 local ceramics shops you should check out!

What are ceramics?

The word ceramics originated from the Greek word “keramos”. This term has several meanings i.e. “potter’s clay”, “tiles”, “pottery”, or “potter”. Despite having no exact meaning or translation, nonetheless, the meaning points to one thing—Pottery! 

Ceramic pieces are made from a mixture of clay, earthen elements, powder, and water. Porcelain and Kaolin clays are the best clays for making ceramics. They make high-quality ceramic pieces. This is what Fine China Dinnerwares a.k.a. Chinawares are made from. But before you go hunting for ceramics made from the aforementioned clay types, do know that it can cost a hole in your pocket! Porcelain ceramic pieces are expensive.

However, not all ceramic pieces have sky-high prices. Ceramic pieces have the tendency to have a high price point because of the skill it requires and how labor intensive making them can be, and on top of that the cost of the materials also do have a price on them, and not all potters have their own kiln(a lot of potters have to have their pieces fired in other pottery studios). A kiln is a high-temperature oven. In order to fire ceramic pieces and—in layman’s term, “cook” the glaze, they need to be put inside a kiln. Normal commercial and household ovens cannot heat up to the same temperature that kilns can. 

Customized ceramic pieces is the way to go!

Imagine a home with customized dinnerwares, cool right? Think of drinking your coffee from a cup that is handmade especially for you, or eating your cereal or ramen from a very unique bowl? How about displaying vases that are made to perfectly match the aesthetic of your place?

Customized ceramic pieces is the new trend! If you can’t make your own, you can have one especially made for you! Gone are the days of very traditional looking dinnerwares and vases because these Filipino potters are stepping up the game with their ceramic pieces designs!

Here’s the 7 local ceramics shops(that we love!) where you can get your hand built or wheel-thrown pieces:

1. Chineramics

I first discovered Chineramics—an Antipolo-based ceramics shop, through their reminder mugs (top left cup with “one day at a time” words stamped on it). With all the stressors and pressures that we encounter day-to-day, it would be so nice to get a little reminder or a pat in the back with the different phrases written on their mugs. Aside from getting your warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning, you get to start your day with a positive note as well!

Besides their reminder cups, the mermaid design is also their signature—which they’ve been showcasing more in their recent collections. The Oceaña mermaid aesthetic carried through other pieces like bowls, teapot, and even a table lamp (blue and white piece top right piece), and not just exclusive for the mermugs (light blue and dark blue mug on middle left, and multi-colored cup on bottom right). 

We highly recommend getting the Oceaña table lamp from them for a unique light fixture! 

Though wheel-thrown, all the intricate details—scales included, are hand-sculpted by the artist herself. So you know that each piece, like the scaled ramen / everything bowl (bottom left item) is made with great attention to detail. 

Their most recent collaboration is with Jesus and Women Global, where they made 50 tear jars for the organization.

Loved the color of their ceramics? You can also purchase glazes from them.

Chineramics is also about to drop a new collection soon(and it seems like they will be including reminder coasters this time! *fingers crossed*)

2. Dusts and Glitters

Pau Marasigan is the hand that sculpts the beautiful faces in these Dust and Glitters mugs.

I discovered this ceramics shop last year after their Coraline cup(mug on the bottom left) appeared on my feed. And since then I can never get it out of my head. It’s definitely a conversation starter mug that you’d be happy to talk about for hours! 

But if Coraline is not your thing, then they also have other designs like the girl with Glasses cup(top right mug). Talk about the perfect representation of beauty and brains! 

Dusts and Glitters flowers and freckles collection(top left cup) was also launched last June 12, and the white cup with blue flowers is one of the designs. They also have fair and morena-skinned mermaid cups that promotes inclusivity. You can get your ceramic pieces shipped from their Quezon city studio or check them out at the Art Circle Cafe. 

3. Laro Ceramics

Erika Austria is the one-woman team behind Laro Ceramics. She creates these colorful  and fun ceramic pieces that merge both functionality and creativity. Some of the brand’s bestsellers are their matcha pourer sets (image on top right), tile mugs (cup with multi-colored rectangles), and the wellness collection that includes the pink curvy cups on the left and the plates and bowls on bottom right).

Laro Ceramics creates a whole variety of ceramic items. They have vases, plates, bowls, cups, and etc.

Aside from the dinnerwares and vases, they also sell limited edition merchandise like their branded round tote bags.

Laro Ceramics also shares their knowledge by hosting the Clay Play Class

They had a few pieces exhibited at Milan, and they have also partnered with Cariño, a linen clothing brand, for a collection.

They often have pop-up booths in BGC. But you can also purchase their items at Frankie & Friends General Store, and at Saan Saan Ph.

4. Tahi Studio

Tahi studio is a Quezon City-based ceramics shop. Unlike the previous studios, their pieces are mostly hand-built. 

Their strawberry cup (top left mug)—a part of their Tutti Frutti collection, is the perfect cup for those who would be happy to have a little surprise at the bottom of their cups! 

See Also

Their bubblegum collection (light pink and turquoise cups) is their 3rd collection drop. 

The shop also sells underglazes.

5. Made by Bai

No gloomy days with Made by Bai as their yellow dinnerwares (cup on the top left) is as bright as the sun. They also have doodly designs (top right cup, and bowl at the middle bottom). They also have traditional designs like the blue-rimmed cup in the middle that gives Japanese zen vibes. Speaking of zen, they also have a tea set (cup and tea strainer at the bottom left) for your morning or afternoon tea party or self-care time.

6. Mimi Ceramics

Looking for a checkered cup? Look no further! But you also want flowers? How about both? Michelle Cruz creates this combination of checkered and floral patterns in most of their pieces. This best of both worlds design is the signature style of Mimi ceramics.

Cruz creates all kinds of wheel-thrown pottery—from curvy cups(cups on the right), to matcha bowls(top right piece), and even shot glasses(bottom right cups) at their studio in Pasig. 

I initially fell in love with just their checkered floral cups, and then I saw their curvy cups, and then… the shot glasses! All their pieces can be customizable with your name stamped on it. And that’s on drinking in style! (DRINK RESPONSIBLY!)

7. Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi ’s studio is situated in San Juan. Their unique, somehow relatable(peep at the flesh-colored cups with eyebags, and the chicken with eyebags), fun and kind of weird designs might be what you’ve been looking for! The cups with the eyebags are definitely for the night owls *wink*. 

This creative take on design and humor got them partnerships with Tanqueray, and Curated X.

They also sell merchandise i.e. tote bags, and underglaze sets as well. They have in-studio pottery workshops where pottery-interested persons can either have a crash course (1-day workshop), or a full course(3-day workshop), and they also offer virtual pottery classes where they can send you your clay kit and learn pottery at the comfort of your own home. 

Keep an eye for their collection drops though, coz’ they sell out F-A-S-T!

Regardless if you made your own cup or you had it customized for you, these ceramic pieces are a unique and subtle way to express yourself. These local ceramic shops are also proving to us that pottery doesn’t have to be boring. And with their amazing designs… patronizing the works of local potters has never been easier! It’s definitely worth your money(if not more!).

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