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Blaremazing, the rising Rinconada content creator

Blaremazing, the rising Rinconada content creator

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, a lot of people turned to content creation to pass the time. However, only a few actually stuck through as they make their way up the social media ladder. Some turned to vlogging their usual life. This, then, would reach a handful of viewers that feel a little curious about their daily lives. They would start with simple videos and an interest in photography. Then, eventually, the mainstream puts a spotlight on them. This became the truth behind Floyd Margallo or also known as Blaremazing.

Blaremazing, the rising Rinconada content creator

He is a resident of Iriga City and has become a rising Rinconada content creator. And, if you’re curious, Rinconada is one of several languages that compose the Inland Bikol group of the Bikol macro language. His screen name comes from his two favorite colors – black and red. Blare also became the nickname that his friends would call him when he was still living in the United States. Then, he added the word amazing to make the page more attractive to people.

Photo | Floyd Margallo aka Blaremazing

From a hobby to a lifestyle

Blaremazing started in 2019, way before the COVID-19 pandemic even started. But, he would just post photos and videos as a mere hobby. He would travel with his wife and go to events as a way to bond with each other. The hobby, then, would eventually turn into a lifestyle.

He would usually vlog about food and traveling. Blaremazing even became famous for his drone and aerial shots of his travel videos. He also had a photo walk series and would take random shots of people during their everyday lives. When the pandemic did arrive, a lot of people were glued to their phones. This, of course, caused his viewers to multiply. Some of his posts would even go trending, not just in Rinconada.

His skills and passion as a content creator paved the way to the social media ladder. Brands started hiring him to promote their businesses, feature their places, and attend events as their guests. Last February 2023, he was even hired and also became the official photographer and videographer of LGU-Iriga. This, then, also stemmed from the recently-concluded Tinagba Festival 2023 in the city.

Other nearby municipalities around Rinconada or even big cities outside invite him to be one of their social media partners or photographers at the same time.

A personal connection to followers

Just this year, after a series of big events, Blaremazing had been gaining more followers on his official Facebook page. This made him motivated to produce more content for his followers.

During his free time, Blaremazing also likes to do random shots at a certain places. To which the term “Papitik po!” has been a popular word used when people request photographers to capture them. This has made him more loved by his followers and friends.

Kasi when you have that connection with people, they tend to remember you. They tend to see you more than just a content creator but also like a normal person.

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He also points out that communicating with his followers is really important. Whenever he gets to meet some of them, he always makes time to greet and connect with them.

Message to fellow content creators

As someone who also started with a small number of followers, Blaremazing also roots for his fellow content creators around Rinconada. He reminded them to always wait for the right time in doing this kind of passion.

You still have to keep pushing and do what you love because when you stop, then that means you’ll never have the chance to be one of those people who’s rising now.

Floyd also emphasized that there will always be struggles, especially during dry spells or times with no content at all. Yet, with much perseverance and self-trust, you can surely be like him!

Since you’re just here, you can follow and like his social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to know more about his Blaremazing content!

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