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Education vs. Ingenuity: Peeking Through Different Perspectives

Education vs. Ingenuity: Peeking Through Different Perspectives

Education vs. Ingenuity: Peeking Through Different Perspectives

Forging our own path often leads to true success, tempting as it may be to follow in others’ footsteps. Each journey is unique, and it’s crucial to chart our own course towards our goals.

Furthermore, the debatable topics ‘diskarte’ (ingenuity) and ‘diploma’ (education) have sparked widespread discussion among the public. Both sides offer compelling arguments to consider. However, this article aims to delve deeper, recognizing both ingenuity and education as valuable pathways to success.

Education vs. Ingenuity: Peeking Through Different Perspectives

To shed further light on this topic, I’d like to encapsulate my insight in a single sentence: While various circumstances influence our life choices, it’s crucial to consistently strive for success, regardless of the challenges we face.

There are different approaches to strategizing our lives, and I’ve witnessed individuals achieve career success even without their education. On the other hand, others have also achieved success thanks to their educational credentials. So both things have proven equally important in life and success.

Speaking of which, our diverse circumstances can influence our life decisions, yet they all tend to align with a common goal.

During an interview with the social media sensation Deo Balbuena, who is also recognized as ‘Diwata,’ he expressed his belief in having a proper education. He stated that possessing a diploma is important for achieving success.

Napaka-importante talaga ng diploma para sa akin, dahil kung may diploma ka, mas marami ka pang diskarte na magagawa sa buhay,”

Deo Balbuena during a recent interview about his viewpoint

And this has been proven true because having a diploma enables more job opportunities. Additionally, certain college courses impart students with relevant skills and knowledge that they can apply in their future jobs connected to their degrees.

However, Balbuena further commented that the decision to pursue education ultimately rests with individuals.

Certain circumstances, such as poverty, can hinder access to educational opportunities. This enables other people to settle with the diskarte mindset because some may not have any other choice.

Pero kung wala ka namang diploma, nasa tao na rin talaga, depende na ‘yan sa diskarte kung papaano mo iaangat ang sarili mo,”

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Balbuena on people choosing diskarte (ingenuity)

Despite the scarcity of opportunities, some individuals create their own avenues for personal advancement. Meanwhile, some strive to establish their businesses, to help with their financial responsibilities as well as their self-improvement.

Another perspective, which merges both approaches, suggests that having both can empower us to better navigate our paths.

A reporter, Alexandra Javier from The Manila Times recently posted the two sides of a coin about her perspective.

And it’s true that having a college degree opens us to more opportunities and enables us to find more diskarte we can do in our lives. On the other hand, shouldn’t solely rely on any one of it.

Not everyone can pull off ingenuity the same way others can. Moreover, having a diploma also isn’t enough to pull you out of poverty. Success requires hard work, and while strategizing can be beneficial, a degree offers greater advantages in life through the acquired skills and knowledge.

Regardless of our definition of success, achieving it will always require hard work. There’s no substitute; we simply need to persevere, taking small steps to progress further in our lives. Moreover, it shouldn’t be ‘education versus ingenuity’ but it should rather be ‘education and ingenuity.’ We all share the same aspirations, and if you hold a degree, I urge you to leverage it to your advantage. Combine your academic credentials with your unique strategy to propel yourself further towards success.
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