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Must-visit places near the metro to break in your new motorcycle

Must-visit places near the metro to break in your new motorcycle

Since tourism is growing and making its name in the country, Filipinos are traveling more than ever before. In a tropical country like the Philippines, Filipinos’ favorite pastimes are still enjoying the beach, going on road trips and getting some fresh air. And while living in the city can be exhausting, you should take some time to unwind with your new bike. Break in your new motorcycle with these must-visit places near Metro Manila.

Must-visit places near the metro to break in your new motorcycle


Rizal is the perfect must-visit place for those who want a quick escape from the city and enjoy spectacular sunset views at Antipolo restaurants and cafes. 

Drop off at Masungi Georeserve if you’re up for a nature-venture. This is a protected area where guests can get in touch with nature, learn about conservation, and relish various exciting activities and hiking trails. 

Baler, Aurora

This sounds like a huge leap to break in your new motorcycle but everything will be worth it once you reach the top surfing destination in the Philippines. Baler is one of the best beach destinations to visit near Manila.

Baler is once a quite town in Aurora which eventually developed into a surf town with assortment of beach resorts, restaurants, bars and surf shops. The main attraction in Baler is Sabang Beach, especially popular with surfers. 


Known for its many beach resorts, diving spots and mountains perfect for hiking, Batangas is probably one of the most accessible places to break in your new bike. 

Batangas is also popular as the closest diving spot to Manila. Whether you are a beginner or a professional diver, Anilao in Batangas has over 20 diving his spots. You can see different kinds of fish, marine life and fine corals. 

And never forget to stop at any lomi store. Your Batangas ride won’t be complete without a big bowl of lomi.

Cagbalete Island, Quezon

This island in Mauban is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Quezon province. Situated on the east coast of Luzon, Cagbalete is a ravishing island with white sandy beaches.

Cagbalete Island is home to 12 private beach resorts, each offering relaxing accommodations for travelers, from affordable camping tents to luxurious rooms. 


A visit to Bataan will take you back in time with its many cultural and natural attractions. From beach resorts to historic sites and breathtaking mountain scenery, the province has countless tourist attractions. 

Of course, never forget to drop by Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, the first-ever heritage resort in the Philippines, located at Bagac, Bataan. You can also visit the famous Bataan’s Cross and hike up Mt. Samat located in the town of Pilar.

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Marilaque Highway

Marilaque, the highway that connects Marikina, Rizal, Laguna and Quezon, is a favorite destination for riders. For long-distance drivers, cyclists, and motorcycle riders, meals often involve a quick stop at a fast-food restaurant or a meeting at a supermarket gas station before departure. 

This highway meanders through small villages and scattered roadside settlements, through rainforest, past scenic waterfalls, and on most days you can expect mountain drives either above the clouds or at much higher elevations.

Tagaytay City

If you’re longing for a chilly weather ride with the perfect scenic view, kick start your new motorcycle and drive up to Tagaytay City.

A lot of restaurants in Tagaytay serve bulalo, but most travelers flock to Mahogany Market to buy it. As someone who’s been to Tagaytay whenever bulalo cravings kick in, Mahogany Market is the best choice to dig in this mouth-watering Filipino comfort food.

Tagaytay also serves as a home to many restaurants and cafes, some of which have the best views of the famous Taal Lake.

Going on a road trip with your new motorcycle is never impossible. May it be a quick ride near the metro or a long ride with your group of friends sounds fun, too! Explore these must-visit places and let us know your break in journey with your new motorcycle.

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