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KC Leyco releases 2nd edition of Always be Chic by Miss Kayce

KC Leyco releases 2nd edition of Always be Chic by Miss Kayce

After the success of its first version, author and fashion stylist KC Leyco, also known as Miss Kayce, published the 2nd edition of Always be Chic by Miss Kayce, but this time bolder, stronger, and more personal.

Among the changes and distinct features of the book’s second edition includes a new chapter that delved into her TikTok viral story on styling oneself, which garnered over half a million views. In her newest book, she converted the three-minute video content into a whole new chapter that discussed more on the essence of personal styling and letting one’s personality be the statement of each outfit.

Moreover, the second edition of Always be Chic with Miss Kayce promises fresh new looks, showing the more genuine and authentic side of her. The fashion stylist also considered this release as the revamped version of the first edition, highlighting a more edgy and bolder approach from writing up to the looks.

It’s like me coming out of my shelf… It’s me screaming na ‘This is me! This is my brand! This is my book!’ And I want to share to people—you know—to inspire people na it’s okay to love yourself.

-KC Leyco on doing the second edition of Always be Chic with Miss Kayce

It’s time to revamp your look through this book!

This book reminds us to always be chic beautifully and responsibly.

Being an advocate of slowed down fashion consumption herself, Miss Kayce used her writing as a platform to push forward the ideal of her goal: to look chic responsibly. She believes in the power of styling as one’s personal act to help save and preserve the environment, considering that the human’s fast consumption of clothes also contributes to the negative impacts that many industries cause to the nature.

Actually, ‘yong book is inspired by my advocacy of slowing down fashion consumption. Another inspiration is what my mom has always taught me: to always look good no matter what. So I wanted to combine those two things, that it’s really possible to always look good without having to shop consistently. And I knew it’s possible to look good even if you don’t actually buy anything.

-Miss Kayce on looking chic responsibly

Miss Kayce also wanted to emphasize the essence of having a conscious wardrobe and becoming more critical in choosing the fashion items that people purchase. People, at times, tend to just keep on getting whatever is in the trends, which most of the time ends up being a temporary fashion fad, and shifts to another abruptly.

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This behavior towards what people perceive as a trend leads to consistent and rapid consumption and purchasing of many unnecessary items that end up either getting stuck in the closets or adding to the long list of things that continuously harm the environment. That said, Always be Chic by Miss Kayce shares with us the first few steps of being part of the change.

Always be Chic by Miss Kayce teaches us to just be our most authentic selves.

Fashion is a personal statement. Miss Kayce believes that one’s outfit speaks volumes on one’s personality and that personality is an essential part of creating your most authentic styles. Just as how her mother wore an iconic black hat, which is visible in both versions of the book and how Miss Kayce wears animal prints and her iconic headband, the author-stylist regards fashion as one’s medium to really introduce themselves to the public.

On the other hand, Miss Kayce reminded everyone that doing this does not equate to knowing your personality and then madly purchasing whatever you think fits them. Start with those in the closet because sometimes, it only takes one’s creativity, a bit of layering, and the art of pairing to create a masterpiece. But most importantly, take the first step to the beautiful fusion of one’s personality and fashion: embracing your most genuine version.

Come on! Let’s do it! It’s our year, there’s no more hiding. Hindi na uso ‘yong parang mahihiya ka. Show up yourself. It’s the time for you to show people the version that you’ve always wanted for yourself.

-Miss Kayce on bravely stepping in the public as your most authentic version

Indeed, fashion is more than how most of the people perceive it to be—extravagant and expensive. Miss Kayce, her books, and advocacy highlights the responsibility that comes along with style. It is an art of aesthetics, a movement for the environment, and an empowerment of oneself, so always be chic—responsibly!

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