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VP/Cover | David Chua and his artistic ascendancy

VP/Cover | David Chua and his artistic ascendancy

David Chua is a man driven by an unwavering determination to excel. With an unyielding passion for success, he tirelessly pursues his goals, pushing beyond boundaries to achieve greatness. Whether it’s in his personal life or professional endeavors, David’s ambition fuels his relentless work ethic. Fueled by a desire for self-improvement, he also consistently challenges himself and embraces opportunities for growth. Meanwhile, David Chua’s drive is an integral part of his character, propelling him forward on his journey to triumph.

I can honestly admit that I’m a very driven person who always wants to be the best in whatever I want to excel at, whether it’s sports, acting, directing, producing or any other endeavor that I feel can add value to my life.

VP/Cover | David Chua and his artistic ascendancy

David Chua made a bold decision to embark on a career in the entertainment industry. Driven by his passion for creativity and storytelling, he recognized the immense potential of this dynamic field. With a fearless spirit, David embraced the challenges that came with it. He knows that the entertainment industry demanded hard work, perseverance, and resilience. Armed with his unwavering determination, he set out on a path to carve his own unique place in this captivating world. He is also ready to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact through his artistic endeavors.

When I was in college, there was this annual search for Young Ideal Thomasians, which was an annual campus event. I ‘auditioned’ for that, and eventually ended up being Mr. UST. This was around 2006 or 2008.

At that same time, I heard that ABS-CBN was holding auditions for one of their new shows back then. This was for My Girl, which starred Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. They were looking for a Chinese-looking guy, and to cut the story short, I got the part.

That was my very first entry into showbiz. After that, I became part of Star Magic and was given several opportunities to guest and act in many of the network’s shows.

The cathartic process of acting

David Chua’s love for acting is an intrinsic part of his being. He found solace and excitement in the world of theater and film. With every role he portrays, he immerses himself in the character’s emotions, bringing them to life with authenticity and depth. David’s passion for acting shines through in every performance, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression. His dedication and genuine love for the craft fuel his pursuit of excellence on the stage and screen.

What I love about acting is it’s actually a very cathartic process. There’s something about it that’s very liberating, almost like healing, when you channel all your pent-up emotions or frustrations into the role you’re playing at the moment. It’s not just a matter of memorizing lines. For me, it’s about creating an entirely different character and allowing that character to connect to the audience.

And what’s good about is that you can always rely on your own real-life experiences, no matter how dark or painful, and channel that energy to fuel your role. Acting has always been a lifesaver for me. Every time I act, whether on stage, TV or film, it’s like sitting at a shrink’s couch and allowing the psychiatrist to peel away at my layers of neuroses.

Storytelling and resonating with viewers as a segment director

As the segment director of Rated K, David Chua thrives in the fast-paced world of television production. With an impeccable eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, he orchestrates compelling segments that resonate with viewers. David’s innate ability to capture human experiences and weave them into impactful narratives has earned him recognition and acclaim. On the other hand, his relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering dedication to his craft has made him an invaluable asset to the show. Of course, he delivers engaging and thought-provoking content.

My stint for Rated K came about quite by accident, and a large part of it was triggered by the pandemic. But first things first. My mom and Ate Korina were actually very close friends, and before she passed away around January 202, my mom sort of entrusted me to Ate Korina, who eventually became my de facto guardian and mentor.

So, fast forward to 2020. I had already invested a number of years being part of Star Magic and had already done many stints in various TV shows. But when the pandemic happened, followed by the ABS-CBN shutdown, my world crumbled.

With no job and nothing else to do, Ate Korina became my lifesaver when she gave me the opportunity to be one of her show’s directors. This was like a major gamechanger for me, because having been in front of the camera most of the time, I felt that it was a major paradigm shift having to look at everything from a different perspective now.

And, that’s how I discovered that I only had to tap my creative artistry and intuition to be able to live up to the challenge. Thankfully, I was a fast learner. I soon learned the ropes, and inevitably became part of the Rated K team which I consider my second family.

As an actor, I think it helps a lot if you also involve yourself with all the creative processes that happen BEHIND the camera—directing, producing, writing, conceptualizing—because you will get a more holistic overview of your art. Of course, it goes without saying that learning all these special skills will also empower you, giving you another viable lifeline to earn extra income as well.

David Chua, with his deep understanding of the entertainment industry, candidly acknowledges the existence of a dark side within it. While the glitz and glamour may captivate onlookers, David recognizes the intense pressure, cutthroat competition, and often exploitative practices that lurk behind the scenes. With unwavering integrity, he also emphasizes the importance of staying grounded, maintaining personal boundaries, and prioritizing mental and emotional well-being amidst the industry’s demands. Meanwhile, David’s honesty serves as a reminder that success in the entertainment industry comes with its own set of challenges and the need for resilience and self-care.

Being in the entertainment industry definitely has its perks. The glitz and glam, so to speak. Being at the center of the spotlight can be intoxicating and can always give you a high.

But then again, too much of anything can be bad. There’s always a dark side. You shouldn’t be blinded by the fame, the glory, the riches. Everything is fleeting, really. And I think I’m still grounded enough to know that this isn’t always gonna be forever.

David Chua’s level-headedness shines through as he genuinely expresses contentment with what he has achieved in life. While driven and ambitious, he recognizes the value of appreciating the present and finding satisfaction in the journey rather than constantly chasing after more. David’s perspective reflects a healthy mindset that allows him to find joy and fulfillment in his accomplishments, fostering a sense of gratitude and a balanced approach to success.

I think I’m level-headed enough to be content with what I have, but aware enough to always be hungry for opportunities, to think out of the box and try to attempt something that hasn’t been done before.

I’d like to look at myself as an innovator, rather than just someone who goes along with the crowd. That’s why I always aspire to better myself in every way, whether acting, directing, or producing. It’s also not enough to LOOK for opportunities. For me, if you’re driven enough, you will actually CREATE your own opportunities.

The camaraderie in the entertainment industry

David Chua firmly believes that camaraderie plays a pivotal role, contributing significantly to the success of individuals in the entertainment industry. Recognizing the collaborative nature of the field, he emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships, fostering a sense of unity, and nurturing a supportive network. Also, David understands that teamwork, mutual respect, and a shared vision create an environment conducive to creativity and growth. With genuine camaraderie, he, of course, believes that artists can elevate their work, overcome obstacles together, and achieve remarkable results that go beyond individual efforts.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in showbiz is that 80% of success comes from ‘pakikisama.’ Of course, talent is always a big plus, but I’ve seen a lot of really talented artists who are hard to work with and sadly don’t know how to get along well with people.

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A glimpse into David Chua and his creative process

David Chua offers a glimpse into his creative process when embodying a character in GoodWill on Net25. Immersing himself in the role, he delves deep into extensive research, studying the character’s background, motivations, and nuances. With meticulous attention to detail, he carefully crafts the character’s physicality, voice, and mannerisms, breathing life into their persona. Then, David’s dedication to authenticity enables him to seamlessly transform into the character, delivering a compelling and resonant performance that captivates audiences and brings the story to life.

Good Will actually took a long time from the time it was just a spark of an idea until it became a finished product. Would you believe, the creative process for that started as far back as the early months of the pandemic?

So, you can only imagine the many changes and revisions it went through, and how a lot of the ideas were actually inspired or shaped by real-life events or situations. Let’s talk about my character, Lloyd Patawad, for starters.

The reason he’s a rock star is because that was actually one of my personal dreams when I was younger. I wanted to be a rock star like Jon Bon Jovi, with all those screaming fans and my onstage looking cool with my guitar and long hair.

Unfortunately, I’m not a great singer. So, I just did the next best thing, which was to use that character sketch something that I could act out. And since my next love is acting, I thought, why not create a character based on a rock star?

Also, since I’m also very close to my mom, I thought that I should sort of pay tribute to her by including her in the story in some way. In real life, my mom wanted me to take over the family’s printing press business, but I didn’t want to. 

In Good Will, as my mom’s last will, she bequeathed her resort to me, on the condition that I accomplish a series of challenges. So, that’s sort of how I could say art imitates life when it comes to the creative processes behind Good Will.

David Chua recognizes both the similarities and differences between himself and the characters he portrays. He acknowledges that in every role, there are elements of personal connection, allowing him to tap into his own experiences and emotions. However, he also appreciates the need to step outside his comfort zone and embrace the unique qualities of each character. Through careful observation and empathy, David also skillfully navigates the contrasting traits, effectively portraying diverse personalities that resonate with viewers and showcase his versatility as an actor.

David Chua’s artistic ascendancy is a testament to his unwavering dedication, relentless pursuit of excellence, and innate talent. With each project he undertakes, he continues to evolve and push the boundaries of his craft, captivating audiences with his compelling performances.

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