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Chic outfits by Kelsey Merritt that we are definitely stealing

Chic outfits by Kelsey Merritt that we are definitely stealing

Sofia Richie’s glow-up repopularized the ‘old-money’ aesthetic. However, many called attention to Kelsey Merritt, a Filipino-American model who embodies the same fashion sense. Kelsey Merritt is the first ever Filipino to grace the Victoria’s Secret runway, walking alongside VS Angels and legends. Her debut in the VS catwalk in 2018 skyrocketed her modeling career, opening many doors for brand endorsements and gigs.

Kelsey Merritt continues to make a name for herself, working alongside famous brands like Fendi, Bulgari, Tiffany and Co, etc. She is truly living every fashion girl’s dream, flying from one fashion capital to another. However, even before her rise to fame, Kelsey Merritt has always been a fashion icon. She always possessed the old-money, minimalist, yet chic aesthetic. Here are Kelsey Merritt’s chic fits I’m definitely copping for my next day out in the city!

Chic outfits by Kelsey Merritt that we are definitely stealing

Leather + Denim combo

On some days, putting a look together feels like such a huge task, but not for Kelsey Merritt. Kelsey Merritt proves that having a staple and versatile set of clothes can help you rise in every dressing occasion. As proven by this fit, this leather-denim combo shows that you don’t need grand outfits to stand out. This combo fits the very definition of standing out by keeping it simple. 

Knitted top + smart trousers short

The old-money, chic aesthetic is all about less is more. With a simple two-piece fit composed of a knitted top and smart trousers short, Kelsey Merritt still looks runway-ready. Kelsey Merritt slays the accent game in this fit, wearing all-white to accentuate her black smart trouser shorts. This is yet another combo that defines simplicity is indeed more.


grwm in the hamptons

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Button-down dress

Once in a while, we have to go beyond this generation’s fashion trend of tight pants and body-hugging tops. There’s no greater embodiment of the chic, minimalist aesthetic than wearing a neutral, button-down maxi dress. A simple dress can send a powerful statement just as much as a two-piece of clothing combined together. Just like how Kelsey Merritt did in this fit, she sported a black, button-down dress for a Tiffany and Co’s event. 

Wool + silk + denim combo

Fashion is all about experimenting with different styles, a constant trial and error. Kelsey Merritt traverses through this chic aesthetic so easily. Combining clothing in different fabrics never looked this easy. She pulled off a business, smart-casual look with denim pants, a silk white-sleeved blouse, and a brown wool blazer. Match this with a piece of gold jewelry, nothing could go wrong with this fit. Imagine wearing this to your business meeting and eating out with your friends afterward. This is a fit I’m definitely copping for my next errand! 


grwm to go to dinner in Malibu. Since LA decided to give us fall weather in June we’re give it some fall appropriate fits !

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Layers, layers, layers

Living in a tropical country, layering different pieces of clothing is a dream. Layering your clothes, knowing what to accentuate, and making sure they complement each other is not an easy task. A seemingly simple white top and denim pants can look runway with layering. Kelsey Merritt slays this game so hard, it’s easy to think the game is rigged. Turtleneck tops surely put together this kind of fit. 

Boho maxi skirts

It turns out, Boho maxi skirts never go out of style. This Boho maxi skirt topped with a knitted cardigan top is yet another out-of-this-generation fit. This chic fit goes beyond this generation’s body-hugging and overly-cropped outfits. This cream-white color combination really lays thick on the old money and chic aesthetic that we’re looking for. It’s giving the rich-girl-out-in-the-countryside vibe. 


easter day look 🐰🤍

♬ Oh, Pretty Woman – Pomplamoose

Which Kelsey Merritt chic fit did you like most? Let us know!

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