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June 2021

June 2021

For the past three years, Village Pipol proudly promotes our LGBTQ+ campaign, Beyond Pride. This year, the True Colors campaign revolves around the varying definitions of a modern LGBTQ+. We feature empowered LGBTQ+ individuals that continue to make a mark in their respective platforms. They show that a modern LGBTQ+ fights against the generalization of their sexual orientation, the invalidation of their gender expression, and the nullification of their gender identity.

With fashion and effeminacy being seen as stereotypes of homosexuality, Awra Briguela eradicates this oversimplification by owning it as seen on the VP/Cover. Meanwhile, on the VP/Spotlight, Sassa Gurl points out that queer people are born queer – just as nobody chose to experience the discrimination that comes along with it. Together, they represent what a modern LGBTQ+ is –  fighting against stereotypes and living their authentic selves as they show their true colors.

With this year’s theme, may we stop limiting LGBTQ+ with the label attached to their stereotype. May we stop limiting them from displaying their true selves and start making a better world. Let’s start recognizing their orientations, expressions, and identities – as well as their achievements and accomplishments – and create a discussion about the issues that they continue to face in our society.

Together, let’s promote every person’s individuality regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. Let’s deliver a message that an LGBTQ+ person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression do not define their whole being.

Happy Pride, everybody!

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