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VP/Spotlight | John Rex: Charming Vocalist that turned stage to a thousand worlds

VP/Spotlight | John Rex: Charming Vocalist that turned stage to a thousand worlds

Magical it is that our favorite songs just never get old no matter how much we listen to them. Every time we hear their melodies just feels like a first time encounter. However, this magic is actually not something bounded with an enchanting spell but a product of talent and manifestation of passion. And John Rex has mastered this art, making him the Charming Vocalist that turned stage to a thousand worlds.

Being the grand champion of The Clash Season 5, John Rex took on the challenge of not just serenading the world but also painting them a masterpiece of a vivid story every time he steps up on a stage and performs. The capacity to do so goes beyond an overnight process; it requires years of experiences and tons of dreams from the beginning.

Back in his own little vocalist world

Children probably have the most creative and imaginative minds. They can see things only them could picture; they live their dreams to fullest! And John Rex began this way too—dreaming in his own little world and the living on a stage he knew he will own.

Singing brought joy to the young heart of John Rex, especially when he feels like this pure talent of his brings delight to the ears and hearts of those of hear him. At an early age, he learned that talents are gifts to share to the people you love. From there, he began to dream to bring his singing arena from the shower out to the bigger world for him.

Whenever I perform I always feel this joy inside me, especially when I see the audience smiling, cheering and enjoying. That’s when I realize that the joy I’m giving to the people watching is something I want to do and would like to share to everyone.

-John Rex

Since his parents kept on hearing him belting songs in the shower and they found his voice way too good, they did not wast any chance and pushed his potential more. They enrolled young John Rex in a singing school, which according to him, made his dreams and goals even clearer.

When I was kid my parents enrolled me in a singing school and in that school we don’t only learn how to sing but we also do mall shows and concerts.

-John Rex

Recalling back this special memory back in his younger days, John Rex reminisces on the feeling he had back on the first song he mastered: Open Arms by Journey. Despite the depth that this song holds and the height of its melodies, the young charming vocalist for sure nailed it. And from this song, his talent grew bigger and stronger along with his dreams in conquering more stages.

Out to the bigger world and stage

His own spotlight led John Rex to a stage where, just like how he dreamt, he could serenade more people and fill more hearts with joy to see him perform. He then began joining local competitions, enriching his experiences and journey as a performer. John Rex braved the challenge to conquer the bigger stage and joined competitions aired on national television twice.

The young dreamer knew that every step of the way led to him to the charming vocalist he is today. Despite the talent and potential he holds, every stage he went on wrote his stories of wins and losses. Although there were times when his goals and fate failed to harmonize, his performance and the heart he put into it mattered more to John Rex.

I did lost already but it [didn’t] really affect me much, because I always say that if I gave my 200% in a performance or in a song, the outcome will not matter anymore. Because I know it was my best at that time and if that I had some mistakes, at least I can say I still did my best.

-John Rex

His experiences introduced him to realer versions of himself as an artist. He got the chance to really find himself in in the world of singing and use it to always take the spotlight back on him. Loss never meant destruction for the charming vocalist but an opportunity to charge his passion and strengthen his talent for the next battle he would clash against.

It (loss in singing competitions) taught me to be myself more; be myself while singing [and] focusing on all the aspects whenever I perform, and to really give my all every time so that there would be no regrets.

-John Rex

John Rex clashed against the world

World became a battleground for John Rex to chase his dreams. He conquered the usual fear on stage and shot his chance in the 5th season of The Clash in 2023. From there, he got the moniker Simpatikong Bokalista or the Charming Vocalist as he painted them masterpieces of stories of the songs he serenaded the world, and so, the universe listened to his melodies. John Rex became the grand champion of his season.

His win in The Clash brought changes in his life as a performer, gave him breaks, and brought him closer to more of his dreams. He got to serenade bigger crowd and receives applauses from them that really filled his heart with happiness. His consistent passion and determination to keep chasing his goals became constant gratitude.

The Clash changed my life in so many ways, like back then, I only dreamt of performing to an audience and making them all happy. But now, I perform to a much bigger audience on national TV and I also now perform with the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

-John Rex

Being dubbed the Charming Vocalist of his season, John Rex gained more supporters from the audience who appreciated his talent in singing and storytelling. Through their unwavering support for the dreamer, he continues to strive in the industry. And so, the Charming Vocalist promised to always have a special room in his heart for his fans.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you to all the people who supported me and believed in me since The Clash days up to now! You guys are the reason why I strive to be better and why I push myself all the time whenever I perform! Where am I today right now is also because you guys loved and supported me all the way! So, thank you so much! I love you, guys!

-John Rex

From stage to a world

Aside from the natural charm that John Rex exudes in every stage, audience, especially his fans are enchanted by another element of his performance: his storytelling. He has truly mastered painting a beautiful story on stage and in every song, that made them all sound new to our ears. He creates so many world and unfolds a thousand stories before the eyes of the people to whom he sings.

John Rex unleashes the imaginative and creative child within him every time he steps on stage to perform. He knows no limits in bringing the audience into the story of the song with him. This Charming Vocalist is indeed a storyteller and a tour guide to the world he himself created.

I always envision and visualize the story of the song. By doing so helps me to portray the song more accurately and it’s one of the recipes of a good performance.

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-John Rex

Owning the stage and connecting to the people made John Rex’s performances even more enchanting. Despite the numbers of interpretations that could be drawn from each song, the Charming Vocalist, as the storyteller himself, sets the tone straight. And this made more audience relate to the songs he performs and get a glimpse of the visions that John Rex has painted on stage.

My charm in performing maybe is the connection and the emotion I give in a song or performance.

-John Rex

Diving into his own world

From performing popular songs that has caught our ears probably a thousand times now, John Rex now let the people dive into his own world. This Charming Vocalist makes singing even more personal this time through his debut single ‘Someday in Your Life’ under GMA Music. John Rex, himself, also finds this song really interesting, especially that it tells a beautiful story, which he would want to turn into a whole new world on stage.

Trivia—the first time I heard the song, I don’t have earphones or headsets. I just used the speaker of the phone, and then when I heard it, I got goosebumps and told Sir Kedy Sanchez that it so beautiful, that the song hit me differently.

-John Rex

People, as they listen to this single from the charming vocalist would not only get caught in his charm and voice, but even get a glimpse of his own world. John Rex relates himself to the song, especially that this record tells a story of waiting for the perfect moment. He dedicates this song to his parents who were instrumental in building his dreams and chasing them up until in the present.

I find the song relatable for me that I, personally, am waiting for that moment of my life, that I can give back the love my parents gave me. I know I can’t really do that because their love is immeasurable but I really want to do the best that I can.

-John Rex

Also, he offers this masterpiece to the fans and to anybody who dares to listen to his song and find themselves in the labyrinth of his charm. John Rex promises to bring them into a world with love at its center. Surely, his fans, after listening to this single would look forward for that “someday in their lives’.

They will feel loved and they will feel the love we put in the song! As for me, as a performer, I will keep on learning, striving, and doing my very best to be a better performer. And hopefully, all the efforts I’ve put in will bear fruit that everyone will truly love.

-John Rex

From a little dreamer himself, John Rex now makes name in the entertainment industry with his talent and charm. World is indeed a personal stage for John Rex while stage is a world he continues to create himself in every performance. Mastering the art of imagination, storytelling, and singing consistently proves that John Rex is the Charming Vocalist who turns every stage into a thousand worlds.

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