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Doh Kyungsoo blooms with charms in Blossom’s latest concept images

Doh Kyungsoo blooms with charms in Blossom’s latest concept images

Doh Kyungsoo in latest "Blossom" Concept image

Dandanies are all set for this week with Doh Kyungsoo’s first round of charming concept photos for his upcoming 3rd Mini Album – Blossom.

Kyungsoo’s attractiveness radiated in the latest concept images by showing how his striking visual entwined with the aesthetics of nature. It’s no wonder that fans cannot help but gush over his irresistible charms.

Doh Kyungsoo in Blossom's latest concept image.
Photo courtesy: Company SooSoo

Also known as EXO’s D.O. and popular actor from “The Moon”, he has recently released the complete track list and scheduler for his highly anticipated album.

Blossom the 3rd Mini Album track list and scheduler.
Photo courtesy: Company SooSoo

“Blossom” the 3rd mini album contains six new songs titled: Mars, 우리가 몰랐던 것들 (Simple Joys), Popcorn, 오늘에게 (Good Night), 매일의 고백 (My Dear), and 어제의 너, 오늘의 나 (About Time). Fans eagerly await Kyungsoo’s full album release and can’t wait to hear what the star has in store for us.

Doh Kyungsoo has also prepared two music videos for his upcoming 3rd mini album. The first video is for the b-side track “Popcorn”, which will be available on April 30. While “Mars”, the main title track’s mv, will be released on May 7 together with the full mini album.

Blossom concept photos brings spring vibes and nostalgia

The latest concept photos of “Blossom” are simply captivating, evoking a sense of spring vibes and nostalgia. It perfectly captured Kyungsoo’s charms, making him stand out in a way that is hard to ignore.

Kyungsoo’s striking visual is also highlighted by the vibrant hues of nature, flowers, and warm sunlight, resulting in an awe-inspiring sight that definitely make our hearts flutter.

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Where to secure your albums

The highly-anticipated “Blossom” 3rd Mini Album is available in two versions. “Popcorn” and “Mars” versions, each with own exclusive inclusions that will surely leave you mesmerized with Kyungsoo’s stunning visual and high-quality vocals and music! 

You can pre-order both albums on YES24, Blue Dream Media, Aladdin, MUSICKOREA, and MUSICPLANT.

So dandanies mark your calendars for the full album’s release on May 7, at 6pm KST! Let’s all wait how Kyungsoo will capture and serenade us with his majestic music and rich vocals just like how he captivated us with visuals!

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