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It’s Summer Time: Things You Can Do To Beat The Heat

It’s Summer Time: Things You Can Do To Beat The Heat

Things You Can Do To Beat The Heat

Summer has arrived! That can mean a lot of things: fun, sandy beaches and hazy afternoons await us at every turn. Living in the Philippines, we’re all too familiar with the blistering heat that accompanies this season. Consequently, we go to great lengths to beat the heat and ensure it doesn’t hinder our enjoyment.

It’s Summer Time: Things You Can Do To Beat The Heat

I know not all of us have air-conditioned rooms, leaving some to rely on electric fans. But even then, the breeze can feel warm, which is frustrating, isn’t it? I understand that which made me think of writing this one out. Here, I’ll list down what I do to cool down and minimize the heat’s effect on my body.

1. Take a thorough bath

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First things first, cooling down begins with a refreshing bath. An article from the University of Reading suggests that using lukewarm water, or water at a neutral temperature, can effectively lower body temperature faster. Therefore, a leisurely shower with room-temperature water is ideal for soothing the body’s heat.

You can also discover cooling body scrubs in the beauty market that not only exfoliate your skin but also impart a refreshing, cold sensation. This can leave your skin feeling cool and invigorated this summer time.

2. Use a Prickly Heat Powder

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If you’re still feeling the heat, which is understandable in this weather, consider applying prickly heat powder to your body. There are several effective options available in the market designed to alleviate body heat, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and cool after application.

3. Apply sunscreen

I highly recommend opting for a water-based sunscreen to avoid any sticky residue on your skin upon application. Given how the heat can already make us feel sticky, applying lotion might aggravate that sensation.

Thankfully, there are plenty of water-based lotions and sunscreens available that not only protect the skin but also keep it hydrated. Aside from the skin, our lips also need sun protection, so it’s best to use lip balms infused with SPF.

4. Drink MORE water

The heat can cause our bodies to lose moisture and hydration through sweating. Therefore, the more we sweat, the more important it is to drink MORE water to prevent the negative effects of overheating.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s infographic highlights preventive measures against heat stroke, with drinking plenty of water being the crucial and initial step.

5. Wear light clothes

wear light clothes

The CDC also recommends wearing light-colored clothing as a preventive measure against heat stroke. Additionally, Weather Radar recommends wearing light, natural fabrics to enhance breathability and keep the skin comfortable during the summer.

Using natural fabrics (such as cotton and linen) has the advantage of absorbing sweat, aiding in regulating body temperature thanks to their breathability. Furthermore, our clothing not only expresses our style but also plays a significant role in regulating body temperature, either helping or worsening the heat during summer.

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