Best Hiking Spots in Bohol

Bohol is a place best known for its natural wonders. It is a tropical paradise that boasts its stunning white beaches and breathtaking landscapes. But who would have thought that aside from these, there are special places in Bohol that nature lovers will surely fall in love with?

Bohol is also a home to a good number of trails and peaks that are sure to satisfy the hikers and nature-lovers alike. A lot of people don’t know this, but the province is actually a hidden gem when it comes to easily-hiked and traversed hills and mountains. And so, if you’re wanting to spend a few hours of your visit to Bohol in a magnificent but a different view, then here are some of the Bohol’s best mountains and trails.

Alicia Panoramic Park

Photo | The Boholana

Alicia Panoramic Park, also known as Binabaje Hills, offers a beautiful sight to behold. Located an hour from the town of Anda, hikers must get a guide from the Municipal Hall, who will drive them to the foothills of Binabaje. From there, the hike to the peak will only take about an hour. Please note that it is not advisable that you drive to the foothills on your own as the trail can be muddy, winding, and quite tricky.

Bohol Tarsier Trail

Photo | XpatMatt

Bohol Tarsier Trail is a much-traversed trail in the town of Corella that will allow you to explore the natural habitat of the Philippine tarsier. Its pathway is a mix of forested terrain, wildlife, and of course, the sanctuary of tarsiers. The rich flora and fauna along with the many species of trees and animals surround the trail. The trail ends in Loboc where hikers can have the option to swim in Busay Falls or Loboc River.

Can-umantad Trail

Photo | Jonny Melon

The trail is absolutely a trek going to the popular Can-umantad Falls. It is located in the town of Candijay. Its trail boasts of rolling grasslands, steep hills, and of course, the beautiful sight of the Can-umantad Falls in the end of the journey.

Mayana Peak, Mount Matunog

Photo | SunStar

Mayana is also known as the “Little Baguio of Bohol” due to its pertinent cooler weather. Sitting at 820 meters above sea level, the trail is a bit tricky with no signs and marked trails so it is best to have a guide with you. The ascent is also 45 minutes long, with slippery grounds and having only the branches and trunks of trees to hold on.

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Rajah Sikatuna National Park

Photo | Philippine Surfing Federation

Rajah Sikatuna National Park is the widest remaining forest in Bohol. It was declared a National Park in 1987 and covers several towns in Bohol. This park is famous for birdwatching. But aside from birds, there are also other wildlife you can witness like the monkeys, tarsiers, bats, and even butterflies which has its own sanctuary.

Bohol offers great trekking opportunities. So, make sure you don’t miss to visit these places as you will surely fall in love even more with Bohol.

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