Top 5 Pasalubong to Get in Pangasinan

I always traveled from Pangasinan to Manila in split hours during the pre-pandemic era. As a student who originally lives in the province yet attends school in Manila, I always bring pasalubong for my friends. My stay in my hometown would never be complete without me getting something from my colleagues. Therefore, I always make sure that my backpack is full of pasalubongs.

This also applies to all the tourists who visit the province of Pangasinan. Your stay will not be complete if you do not bring home the province’s delicacies.

So if you are planning to visit Pangasinan, here are the top 5 pasalubong you should get:

5. Patupat

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Popular in Pangasinan, particularly in Manaoag, Balungao, Pozorrubio, and Alaminos, patupat is a native sticky rice dish. Pangasinan people usually prepare this regional delicacy with sticky rice and coconut leaf netting. Moreover, locals prepare it by cooking it in hot sugarcane juice. Following cooking, they tie up patupat in bunches and allowed it to drip dry.

This might be so sticky in hand upon peeling it. However, for me, the sweetness of the first bite sticks forever in my heart.

4. Bagoong

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Bagoong is a fish-based paste commonly used as an ingredient in cooking. Every region in the Philippines has its own version of bagoong. However, Pangasinan’s version is at the top of my list. Every time we visit our relatives in nearby provinces, we make sure to give a Pangasinan’s bagoong to them. 

Bagoong is a sautéed shrimp or fish paste created from tiny fermented shrimp (alamang). In addition, it can be made from pork, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and onions. 

3. Longganisa (Alaminos)

Photo from Timplado.

Sausage is famous worldwide. And in the Philippines, we also have our own version of sausage. Basically, we call it Longganisa. However, longganisa from different places in our country varies in taste. And my favorite longganisa can be found in Alaminos, Pangasinan. 

Alaminos’ longganisa has unique garlic, meaty, and salty flavor. It is made of pork meat and then colored with red azuete. Furthermore, the mixture is spiced up and then formed into a sausage by wrapping it in pork intestines. Its unique flavor is the reason why it is my top 3 pasalubong.

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2. Puto Calasiao

Photo from Carousell.

The typical rice cakes in the Philippines are large and can be eaten by many people. Therefore, small-eaters, like me, dreamed of bite-sized rice cakes. Thankfully, Calasiao, Pangasinan made this dream possible.

Puto Calasiao is my 2nd best-recommended pasalubong to get in Pangasinan. Basically, it is a sweet bite-size rice cake made from rice fluid. Additionally, this rice cake is available in various flavors like ube, pandan, strawberry, mango, and traditional flavors.

1. Tupig

Photo from AngSarap.com.

My top recommended pasalubong is the famous Tupig. It is Pangasinan’s own version of rice cake. However, this rice cake has a distinctive ingredient compared to others. I personally like this one because of its unique flavor. In addition, locals typically add coconut flesh pieces for added flavor. Moreover, Tupig is grilled after being wrapped in banana leaves. Tupig originated in Pangasinan, yet locals from neighboring provinces also sell them now. This includes the provinces of Tarlac and Pampanga.

Along with exploring the beautiful province, Pangasinan also offers must-bring-home pasalubongs that will make your trip more memorable.

Moreover, these delicacies reflect their lovely province’s rich culture and authentic diversity.

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